Fresh Picks: Scenic Route To Alaska.

Scenic Route To Alaska – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Scenic Route To Alaska are a band creating what essentially equates to Pop and Indie music with substance and that isn’t something easy to achieve in these auto-tuned times.

The band take Country-esque vocals and guitar-tones but add that British-esque Indie Rock flare so applicable to those still in the throws of the Indie explosion of the early 2000’s or perhaps most notably all you underground Indie-buffs who should really indulge in Scenic Route To Alaska.

With releases dating back to 2011 the band have never really given up their Country Rock and “prairie indie” routes rather kept them in mind as a more Indie sound began to develop. As you sift though the band’s past releases you can’t help but feel this natural progression as they suit sounds nearer to either end of their Pop-laden Indie and Country.

The band effortlessly move from style to style and from tempo to tempo with seamless transition in a way that suits them regardless. The band’s more stripped and acoustic-led country sound as said before is always there but with more recent releases, the more “plugged-in” approach sees their musicianship increase parallel to the skill with which they craft an easy listening Pop-song. In short, they do not compromise their stellar groundwork for the sake of a hooky melody.

The band recently released the single ‘Slow Down’ which in all honestly took me back more than expected. Scenic Route To Alaska are progressing further with this first single from the soon-to-be next LP. Opening with thick Blues-Rock groove and guitars truly in control, the band show us another side to their varying ensemble. In the verses you hear this newer band but in the classic chorus the SRTA you expect returns but with this added layered weight truly standing this track out and setting the bar high for the next release.

Scenic Route To Alaska have already completed no-end of shows across Canada and have an Australian tour set for February.

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