Fresh Picks: The Sons Of Faow Verny.

The Sons Of Faow Verny – Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France.

Rather than attempt to introduce this band via my own words, I will use theirs as I feel it really hits the nail on the head and will almost certainly provide context for what you are about to hear:

‘The Sons Of Faow Verny are a bunch of guitars with a various amount of strings, a cheap-ass casio keyboard, something looking like a glockenspiel, a hard-to-tune bass, some pieces of a stolen drum set, and voices who had never sung this way.’

The members of The Sons Of Fao Verny all have their roots in their respective underground Hardcore and Metal scenes, which makes a move toward a Folk influenced, Post-Hardcore affiliated and Progressive Rock sound something that would theoretically takes some guts; guts this band indeed seem to have in abundance.

The Folk elements are all there, the band take the more traditional instrumentation and add some weight to it. The general feel to their Folk Rock is harder and heavier with the plugged in strings and bass increasingly prominent in contrast to when the band follow the Folk aspects further, just to add contrast within single tracks specifically and within their two releases to date.

Post-Hardcore as general influence on the band’s sound really adds that depth with changes in mood, dynamic and tempo all common with notable, contrasting yet well timed vocal screams in this vein often far-reaching from the background of it all behind lyrics both intelligent and meaningful.

‘Grimreapers’ from the bands first EP Grimreapers On Unicorns is an excellent example of where the bands roots merge with this chosen and contrasting direction, while ‘We’re the Sons of Faow Verny’ and its use of samples, intricate layers and deep-rumbling bass-lines allows for the serious artistic expression so often seen with Post-Hardcore to meld far easier with the lighter dare I say more playful Folk-isms.

September 2017 saw A Thunderous Light To Beckon Me surface with songs written and penned between 2013 and 2016. The band of this release were five years older and with the skill presented in the form of their previous release, all the more exciting. Within moments of ‘A Better Guy’, mixing and production are greatly improved but perhaps most importantly the band sound so much more comfortable and well rounded. ‘A Better Guy’ plays with progressive tones while showing a more Alternative Rock sound with just a hint of the bands (now) Folk roots.

The vocals are harder and filled with more conviction, the cathartic emotion is clearer and matches now perfectly with the sombre but determined instrumental backing and its layered melodies. This is a heavier band, a more progressive band and despite you being still within the first track of this second release they and indeed it well surprise you.

If Post-Hardcore, Emo and Folk had a love child then this second release by TSOFV would certainly be it. The band as a whole deserve you attention and as much as I could likely type volumes on their music and how you really need this in your life, I won’t.

Why? Because that would take thrill of discovery away from you and now I have your attention, I will let you do the rest.

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