Pile Up Festival 22/06/18 – 23/06/18 – What To Expect.

Pile Up Festival – York, England, United Kingdom.

Another of Riff Media’s festivals this year, Pile Up Festival will take place at the Fibbers in the city of York this coming June and will showcase a line-up doing its very best to provide the best both in known names and perhaps most importantly, the best in the upcoming world of underground Rock, Punk, Metal and Post-Hardcore over two days, capped with performances from Tech-Punk/Melodic Hardcore vets A Wilhelm Scream (Friday) and the classic never growing-up Pop-Punks Teenage Bottlerocket the following day.

To avoid the mad rush around inner city venues to catch your favourite band that so many inner-city festivals suffer, Pile Up with be set over the two days in the same venue so not a moment is lost trying to frantically fit it all in.

But what of the bands? Well Friday will be kicked off by Glaswegian early 2000’s-esque Post-Hardcore five-piece Tenements and if you’re still an Alexisonfire buff you won’t want to miss these openers. London emotive-rockers Black Orchid Empire are the next on the Friday bill and if the emotive Rock of Tool and A Perfect Circle crossed with contemporary Alt. Rock melodies and subdued Stoner Rock groove sounds like something appealing and head-bobbing-worthy then again, do not miss band.

Endorsed by Alex Baker of Kerrang!, Bellevue Days are next on the list and provide a warped progressive and wholesome take on Alternative Pop-Rock with the maturity and distortion in all the right places. The trend of melodic Alternative Rock leaning heavily on Punk and Post-Hardcore continues on with the melodic and contrastingly cumbersome Chapter and Verse whose latest single ‘Praise’ is serious contender even before any competition has even been theorised.

Veridian are safely sat in the Alternative Rock spectrum with the appealing melodic sound left behind by bands such as Young Guns when they paved the way for mainstream applicable Rock that really wasn’t mainstream at all. Veridian are melodic and contrastingly weighted in all the right places within their soaring sound. Blackpool’s Ravenface are next up with their soaring metallic Post-Hardcore with more melodies that you can shake a very clearly mid-2000’s Metalcore influenced stick at as a band that have been there and done it all continue to push their own boundaries of progression.

Skarlett Riot bring in melodic Hard Rock-esque vocals and contrast them with early 2000’s Metalcore riffs and jagged-lines toned with classic Rock and Metal guitar twangs in an excellent stylistic addition to this line up.

The band lead the way to riff-city with Death Remains being at the end of it. The band’s thick and crushing Metalcore is utterly relentless and complimented by the next on the list, InVisions, whose’ soaring melodic Emo-tinged chorus’ are but a crucial break from their own Tech-Metal tenacity.

Kingdom Of Giants are next as they sit somewhere between Hardcore, Post-Hardcore and Metalcore adding more to the apparent tendency this stellar line-up has for a satisfying soaring chorus gliding into the near future. See below.

With noodling guitar-lines soaked in Mathcore precision, Napoleon take a Hardcore base and twist it through just about every loop they wish. Tracks such as ‘Afterlife’ tease you with the beauty of twinkling Math-Rock before the band’s Hardcore-base provides all the aggressive yet melodic and driven rhythms you could possible want. Napoleon are one of the most musically proficient bands at Pile Up and it would down-right silly to miss them.

Oceans Ate Alaska are the last stop before the headliners and with that have the task of guiding this ever becoming more melodic line-up to to its final form. This is a task they accomplish very well as they take melodic-Metalcore as far as they can without losing the precision aggression.

A Wilhelm Scream are household names within the world of Melodic Hardcore Punk-Rock, with many bands having cited them as crucial influence on their own techy-Skate Punk or crushingly precise Hardcore. The band have been quiet since 2013’s Partycrasher so with tour dates booked, a little something new could be on the horizon.

The Saturday will kicked off by a band by the name of 76 Calling paying tribute to the days that founded much of the Alternative music scene with covers of classic Punk and Ska. Deadaudiosaints are next and are a band incredibly hard to pin down. With a near constant Industrial tone permeating their Electro-Rock sound the band take cues from more than one part of Rock history with elements of Punk, New Wave, Metal and near-“mainstream” sounds chopped and changed on a per song basis.

Kill The Ideal are next as they match soaring Pop-melodies with enough weight behind their mildly-bluesy jagged Southern Rock-esque riffs to tempt those surrounded by generic melodies to the dark side of underground music. Bury The Traitor are fond of the ‘core things in life and with their melodically driven, riffing-ly (sic) over-encumbered blend of Hardcore, Post-Hardcore and Metalcore, they are set to put on quite a show.

Woke Up Dead are fresh on the Punk-Rock scene and with their place this far up the bill considering their lack of sonic presence, there must me a reason so seeing their set might well be up there on your list. Next are Cove, a Kent based band stuck somewhere between Metalcore, Hardcore and Post-Hardcore which by default sits them as an excellent addition to this list. The band have been growing steadily and making themselves known across the UK underground so if bands such as Comeback Kid, Modern Life Is War, POLAR an Touche Amore are your jam, well, you know what to do.

When it comes to crushing riffs and cathartic and heartfelt melodies Cove set you up perfectly for Wars who you can sample below.

Palm Reader are a well known name in modern Hardcore and are utterly chaotic. Visceral Metallic Hardcore alongside double time technical and further chaotic Mathcore makes for quite a description and also quite a sound. You may want to pack your spare ears for this one.

Metallic Hard Rock quartet Falling Red look and sound like an unholy union between Papa Roach, Black Stone Cherry and Marilyn Manson with a slight Punk edge on one side and a penchant for classic Rock n’ Roll on the other.

Siamese on the other hand take tuneful Emo-tinged Pop-Rock with a slight RnB flare and lay it over jagged Post-Hardcore riffs in an example of how the humans of Pile Up Festival are trying provide both the best in the world of underground music and at the same time showcase as much variety as they can.

Silent Screams are another band well versed in the underground. The band have toured extensively across Europe and even as far-flung as Australia and if the idea of Alexisonfire on very metallic steroids sounds like something you’d like, well….

Our Hollow Our Home are another set of UK underground veterans on this heavy-handed line-up with one-part crushing riffs and one-part soaring melodic Metalcore. Our Hollow Our Home have a lot to prove with their penultimate to the headliner set and with their experienced credentials you’ll be pleased to exert any remaining energy in unison with them.

The band are the final of the heavy hitter before the 77′ Punk classic Pop-Punk of the legends that are Teenage Bottlerocket play an exclusive Northern UK Show. The band are never birthed a bad release and despite the tragic loss of founding drummer Brandon have continued strongly with the excellent Stealing Covers both providing some of their best in rendition of their favourite bands to play with and in tribute to their fallen brother.

In short, Riff Media have provided quite the line-up and on that note, here is a classic from Teenage Bottlerocket.





Matthew Speer

Matt has 2.1 BA in History and is most likely somewhere in his twenties. He enjoys a wide range of music, but has a strong penchant for Punk-Rock. Originally he hails from the Isle Of Wight off the South Coast of England, UK and spends most of his time around England's South-West.

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