Decedy and The ‘What I Need’ Single.

Decedy – St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

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St. Louis exports Decedy are soon to be releasing their first debut full-length both showcasing new material and a collection of past tracks all freshened-up and faced-front for this first numerically cumbersome release. That may have been a somewhat abstract way to say that but the first full-length for any band is a serious statement.

The band will be releasing 1979 on the 27th February of this year and with that the children of Classic Rock with their sights firmly set on contemporary Indie music have but one teaser in the form of the single, ‘What I Need’.

Despite being a band taking influence from light and fluttering Indie Rock and on the flip-side well executed but dated tones from the early days of Rock, the band always manage to sound contemporary but with a classic tone. With ‘What I Need’ the band take weighted Alternative Rock infected with thick, vintage Wolfmother-esque Blues riffs in a track trying to make sense of the ever complicated relationship.

There isn’t a huge amount I can say about this track except that it’s thick Blues-Rock damn-near forces you to feel every note and bob your head at every moment in perfect sync with the rhythmic drumming and groove laden strings. This album will likely be something. Note the 27th in your diary.

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