The Specs – ‘We Only Read Sex Tabloids’.

The Specs – New York City/New Jersey, New York, USA.

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New York City/New Jersey Indie band The Specs are entering 2018 in a somewhat unorthodox fashion. The band starting on the 17th of January of this year released the first of a three part album that will see completion through part two in March and part three ahead in the month of June. Whether these second and third additions will be shorter or longer than the three tracks of progressively toned Indie Rock showcased on We Only Read Sex Tabloids is yet to be seen but for now, said statement and its accompanying tracks should probably get some attention. So…

Taking classic Indie and Shoegaze-esque tones and warping them to a point where they are both melodic and cutting, the band sing of unrequited love with soulful vocals via a slight vintage Blues twang fitting well with the light distortion. ‘Rear View Mirror’ isn’t just another floaty Indie song lends well to what is next.

This almost Jazz-Blues vocal tone carries over and begins to lovingly infect the instrumentation in ‘The Vibe I Got (I Want To Be Happy)’. In many ways this band sound akin to what I’d imagine an Indie version of Fugazi or Rites Of Spring to sound like as their progressive discordant tone is odd in the context of the genre of Indie Rock but oh so infectious and inviting with the tracks heavier and unrestrained end acting as an absolute highlight.

In the interest of what seems like a per-song differentiation ‘Stronger’ is very much still The Specs but still in strong contrast with its predecessors, with a Blue-Eyed Soul-Jack Johnson-esque Indie-Pop structure and tone. The track is by far the best of a bunch very much the cream of the crop with its multiple almost twinkly Math-Rock layers and tones flowing as effortlessly as the strong songwriting.

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