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Bethany. A Twenty-something Punk-Rock war-lady from Cornwall.

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Fresh Harvest #1.

Editor’s Note: As Musically Fresh is operated in the spare time of it’s majoritively part-time staff, we are almost always inundated with requests. This is no bad thing, but it can make it difficult to find the time to feature everything we are asked to and that’s unfortunate. So to...


Decedy – The ‘Pretty Things’ Single and B-Side.

Decedy – St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Cover photo credit: C Bauer photography – Click Here. St. Louis natives Decedy released a two track Alternative Rock/Indie concoction with strong ties to their Classic Rock roots in July of this year. Consisting of the A-side ‘Pretty Things’, itself a laid back smooth...


Donkey Island Penitentiary – ‘Exile On 4th Street’.

Donkey Island Penitentiary – Los Angeles, California, USA. Escaped convicts of Donkey Island Penitentiary are creeping through the underground of the LA Punk scene. Armed with guitars and harmonicas, the Country-Blues-Punk criminals have recently released their debut EP Exile On 4th Street and if their name didn’t grip you enough, the...


Scout Killers – Bath Brewed and Ready To Export *TOUR DATES* & A New Single Announcement.

Scout Killers – Bath/Bristol, England, United Kingdom. Bath/Bristol-based Alternative Rock five piece, Scout Killers, prepare to hit the road following their latest single ‘Rip Me Apart’, which is set for release on March 28th. Mixing inspiration from Rage Against The Machine to Pearl Jam, Scout Killers have the perfect formula...


Apostoloi – ‘Fighting For?’ – Oi! Montreal!

Apostoloi – Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Oi! group Apostoloi, released their album Fighting For? on Christmas day 2015, although actually recording it back in 2013, showcasing powerful political Punk not for the light-hearted. Hailing from Montreal, the band certainly know how to pack-a-punch when it comes to Hardcore Punk. Mixing 80’s...


Some Kind Of Illness – The Debut Self-Titled – Manchester Acoustics.

Some Kind Of Illness – Bolton/Manchester, England, United Kingdom. (Editor’s Note – Although at core a two piece, the band often make use of a long line of talented musicians, both live and in the studio. The self-titled album is an example of such. Since then, the band has reverted back...


C.S.O.D (Constant Source Of Disappointment) – The Finale in the ‘666 Trilogy’: ‘Final Insult’ EP

Constant Source Of Disappointment – Blackpool, England, United Kingdom. Constant Source Of Disappointment (C.S.O.D.), a Punk-Rock four-piece whom incorporate Thrash Metal into their sound. Not only are these ‘Bastards of Noise’ tearing up Blackpool, they’re catching the attention of the rest of the nation too. Now, the band have recently released the finale in their 666...


Kaninchen Want Your Dark Parts – Single Debut!

Two introductions to make in this article. Firstly, hi, I’m Bethany, and I’m the newest writer on Musically Fresh. Second, meet Cornish two-piece, Kaninchen, who blend Spoken-word, Electronica and Noise, to create an even greater… noise. Specifically, noise in the form of their debut single, ‘I Will Take The Dark Parts Of You And...