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Daniel Stothard is something of a music buff. He resides in the city of Bath and can often be found at local gigs. He is also the Vocalist of Bath based Post-Punk band, Television Villain.

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Dive Into The Murky Waters With Swamp.

Swamp – Bath, England, United Kingdom. You’re in Bath one minute but then imagine yourself clambering through a forest to find Tim Burton’s house because he’s hosting a tea party, but the only people at this party are Tim burton the obvious host, Brian Wilson from the The Beach Boys...


Horrible – ‘But Is It Even Music, Really?’ In Review.

Horrible – Chicago, Illinois, USA. ‘Two songs about wars, two songs about sleazy youth, two songs from a plot about aliens made of sound coming to earth.’ Horrible are the Chicago answer to the nostalgic raucous bliss of the 80’s Indie Rock circuit. Hard rocking, melodic and undeniably chaotically beautiful,...


Welcoming Kebu – ‘Perplexagon’ Album Review.

Kebu – Espoo/Sideby, Finland. Artwork by Widi Susanto – Click Here. Kebu is a Synth-Music composer who is heavily influenced by the 70’s and 80’s Dance and ambient culture. Using only analogue synthesisers he creates a whole world of musical landscapes, which often feel like they’re transporting you back in time....


Introducing The Rusty G’s and Debut Album ‘Low’.

Rusty G’s – Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom. The Rusty G’s are a two-piece hailing from Milton Keynes. The band draw influences from an absolute ton of 90’s Alternative records, as well as some Sleaze Rock, Blues and Alternative music in general, leaving a sound which has enabled them to make frenzied,...


Introducing Montoneros – The ‘Heat Horse’ EP Review.

Montoneros – Denver, Colorado, USA. It’s a fine line between dreamy musicality and pretentious wank, and that line is even more blurred for genres like Math-Rock, which can often be overly self indulgent. Luckily for Denver based band Montoneros, they are far more ear-wormy. Through including a brass section and...