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Stefan is an editor, writer, radio presenter, MA student and adored barman. A lover of good music, he might just be the most entertaining entity to come from the Isle of Wight.

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WindfallFound – New Single and Video Release: Part II

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin. Not too long ago, I reviewed a single from the first Soundtrack band we had ever featured on Musically Fresh. WindfallFound are five friends from St. Catherines in Canada who are out to better the future of our world. You can find my words...

trading alaska

Trading Alaska – ‘Twenty Nine’ New Single Review

Canada is proving to be a serious contender for talent within the emerging music scene. In the past couple of months, I’ve been taken aback by incredible singles from Canadian natives; first came Dreampop trio, For Esmé, and then Soundtrack artists, WindfallFound (and keep an eye out for their return...

Mr Phlyzzz

Mr. Phylzzz – ‘Flyzzz’ Debut Single Review

These guys are fly. Fly with a ‘Ph’. Literally… We’re back over the pond in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a Low-Fi/Grunge two-piece by the name of Mr. Phylzzz (pronounced Mr. Flyz). And despite how formal the name may be, their debut sound is anything but. But first, a little backstory to...


CapeFox (& Friends) Release new Single and Video – ‘Chan’

CapeFox is back. Seriously, we love this guy. If you still haven’t been introduced to his music, click HERE and go listen. It was some of the most hypnotic and entrancing Electonic music I’ve ever heard, and really pushed me into really appreciating the genre. But onto the new, and...


False-Heads Return with New EP, ‘Wear and Tear’

Back in October, we reviewed the now London-based three-piece, False-Heads, and their incredible EP, Tunnel Vision.  (If you missed it – and you really don’t want to – find it HERE). The release featured four stellar Alt-Rock tracks, including the absolute masterpiece, ‘Without a Doubt’, which was a runner for...


For Esmé – ‘You’ New Single and Video

Oh Canada. Toronto have delivered For Esmé to Musically Fresh, a Dream-Pop three-piece consisting of Martha Meredith (vox, drum machine, synth), Dave Thiel (bass, electronic soundscapes) and Nathan Crook (guitar, vox). And last week they released their latest track and video, ‘You’. Let’s discuss. To start with my conclusion; I...

WindfallFound 2

WindfallFound – New Track & Video Release

Over the pond now, and a visit to St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, where possibly the most optimistic band to ever feature on Musically Fresh have released a new track and video. WindfallFound are a five-piece, Soundtrack group, that describe themselves as ‘best friends who sit around and talk about the...


‘One To Look Out For’, CapeFox is Back Out of His Den

You may remember last summer, I got all giddy and excited over an Electronic Hip-Hop artists going by the name of CapeFox. If you didn’t, please find it HERE, but to summarise, I described him as my ‘gateway drug’ into Electronic music, claiming, ‘I was mesmerized and hypnotised throughout’. And...


‘Something Anorak’ Are Back! New Video and Exciting News!

You may remember last month, Musically Fresh reviewed a Bristol-based duo by the name of Something Anorak. If you missed the exciting review of their debut release, Tiny Islands, you should probably click HERE to catch up with the rest of us cool kids, and remind yourself of some of...


Tempotantrum and his Weekend Friends – Charity Digital Release

Here at Musically Fresh, we’ve never done anything for charity. I mean, we are givers… but, you know… However, we were recently contacted by Isle of Wight-based DJ/producer, Tempotantrum, asking if we’d take a look at his digital LP, Weekend Friends, and it’s certainly an exciting one. Because not only...