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Stephen King resides in Butler, Pennsylvania in the USA. He is also the Guitarist and Vocalist in Psychedelic Indie-Punk band, Trigger Happy.

Music is something he enjoys, if that wasn't obvious.

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Fifteen Years – ‘Welcome To Hell’.

Fifteen Years – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. Bristol Punk-Rockers Fifteen Years aptly take us back to the late 90’s early 2000’s golden age of melodic Punk with their Welcome To Hell release. With twinges of Rancid, New Found Glory, NOFX and Pennywise, these Punks keep your feet tapping and your legs...


Lampshades – The ‘In Media Res’ EP.

Lampshades – Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sometimes life is beautiful, but let’s face it, most of the time it sucks. That’s what makes the sunsets so pretty, and love so grand, because eventually everything ends. This is what Toronto natives Lampshades are saying with their phenomenal one of a kind In...


Some Kind Of Illness – ‘Souls’.

Some Kind Of Illness – Bolton/Manchester, England, United Kingdom. For our previous work on the band – Click Here. Soaring high in the open sky well above Manchester, Bolton and beyond, Some Kind Of Illness’ Souls release leaves me floating on airs. Its mellow nuances are spacey and psychedelic while...


Viva Zapata – The ‘Fuck It, It’ll Be Fine’ EP.

Viva Zapata! – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. ‘Fuck it, it’ll Be Awesomesauce’ should be the title of the inspirational triple threat release from heavy Garage Punk rockers Viva Zapata!, the beast of a band from Bristol, UK. With tearing riffs, cut timings, and a grand change up of vocalists and...


Eleusia – The ‘Waves In The Clouds’ EP.

Eleusia – Medway, England, United Kingdom. British Psychedelic funkians Eleusia pay a phenomenal homage to the British Psychedelic Rock Gods of old with their thrilling new EP Waves In The Clouds. An epic second release from the band, this record astonished me with musical brilliance and hooks from start to...


The Leeches – The Italian Chords Are ‘On The Line’.

The Leeches – Como, Italy. Hailing from Como, The Leeches deliver a solid and impressive 9th release of Punk for the ages with On The Line. Staying true to Punk form yet borrowing from a wide range of genre influence, this sonic foursome dares you to delve deeper into your...


LATTE+ – ‘No More Than Three Chords’ – US Release.

LATTE+ – Empoli, Italy. (Editor’s Note – Italy’s LATTE+ have been slogging it out on the European Punk circuit since 1997 with their blend of classic Ramones-Punk with a twist of 90’s Pop-Punk to top it off. This release however has been re-released on US record label ‘OUTLOUD! Records’ in order...