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Fresh Picks: Hypophora.

Hypophora – Truro, England, United Kingdom. We’ve been somewhat quiet recently. That thing called life has been throwing a variety of curveballs in our way and it hasn’t been the least bit preferable. It’s in these situations that many rely on music to calm the soul and provide rest-bite from...


Eight Days – There Must Be… ‘More To Life’.

Eight Days – London, England, United Kingdom. For our previous work on the band – Click Here. I’m overjoyed that I have finally found some time to sit down with this release. Musically Fresh was lucky enough to hear the demos prior to release and also lucky enough to catch...


No Honor Among Thieves – The ‘Prayers’ EP

 No Honor Among Thieves – Waterbury, Conneticut, USA. The Hardcore Punk played by many bands in the New York scene and the surrounding areas has been making waves since it’s inception in the 1980’s and recently it has had something of a global expansion. Hardcore scenes all over the world...