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Fresh Harvest #1.

Editor’s Note: As Musically Fresh is operated in the spare time of it’s majoritively part-time staff, we are almost always inundated with requests. This is no bad thing, but it can make it difficult to find the time to feature everything we are asked to and that’s unfortunate. So to...


Fresh Picks: Hummer – Catchy, Gritty, Gruff.

Hummer – Warrington, England, United Kingdom. ‘Two engineers and an academic playing catchy, melodic Punk music.’ Don’t let the word ‘melodic’ fool you or start a series of alarm bells that causes you to have some sort of internet-based meltdown and don’t pretend not to know exactly what I’m talking...


Fresh Picks: Nevermind Being Serious, It’s The Crash Mats.

The Crash Mats – Oldham, England, United Kingdom. ‘Three┬áidiots from Oldham Est. 2008‘ As you can probably already deduce by the title of this article and the album cover that showcases a grown man with what seems to be wine on his shirt, The Crash Mats are not a band...