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LATTE+ – ‘Stitches’.

LATTE+ – Empoli, Italy. For our previous work on the band – Click Here. One thing I came to find with LATTE+ is their incredulous emulation of the Ramones. They know, we know, every Tom, Dick and Punk Rocker knows its been done before. The band are well aware, well aware of...


The Leeches – The Italian Chords Are ‘On The Line’.

The Leeches – Como, Italy. Hailing from Como, The Leeches deliver a solid and impressive 9th release of Punk for the ages with On The Line. Staying true to Punk form yet borrowing from a wide range of genre influence, this sonic foursome dares you to delve deeper into your...


LATTE+ – ‘No More Than Three Chords’ – US Release.

LATTE+ – Empoli, Italy. (Editor’s Note – Italy’s LATTE+ have been slogging it out on the European Punk circuit since 1997 with their blend of classic Ramones-Punk with a twist of 90’s Pop-Punk to top it off. This release however has been re-released on US record label ‘OUTLOUD! Records’ in order...