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LATTE+ – ‘Stitches’.

LATTE+ – Empoli, Italy. For our previous work on the band – Click Here. One thing I came to find with LATTE+ is their incredulous emulation of the Ramones. They know, we know, every Tom, Dick and Punk Rocker knows its been done before. The band are well aware, well aware of...


LATTE+ – ‘No More Than Three Chords’ – US Release.

LATTE+ – Empoli, Italy. (Editor’s Note – Italy’s LATTE+ have been slogging it out on the European Punk circuit since 1997 with their blend of classic Ramones-Punk with a twist of 90’s Pop-Punk to top it off. This release however has been re-released on US record label ‘OUTLOUD! Records’ in order...