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Sunset Sunday – ‘Not Just A Phase’.

Sunset Sunday – Taunton, England, United Kingdom. Cover Photo credit – Mike Chase. People say that you should judge a book by its cover, but what that really means is that you shouldn’t let your initial judgements cloud the opinion you will eventually formulate. It’s human nature to judge instantly...


Lionizer – From Two To Three, The ‘Be Alone’ EP.

Lionizer – Perth, Western Australia, Australia. In 2015, Perth based Lionizer added a new member and new instrument into their upbeat and emotionally open 90’s Punk/Indie/Pop-Punk cross over and soon began work on the now recently released Be Alone EP. Punk music has and likely always will be an excellent medium for the...


Pembleton – The New EP – ‘Illumiparty’

Pembleton – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. The sound of three lads, having fun and playing the music they want to hear. Fair enough. Pembleton hail from Bristol and play an upbeat and up-tempo collection of nineties-esque Punk music that could easily fit both a Punk or Pop-Punk bill. The band have two EP...