All These Years – ‘What Was Left Unsaid.’

All These Years – London, England, United Kingdom.


Cover photo credit: Sarah Lockwood Photography – Click Here.

Pop-Punk, A North American led genre that many thought would dissipate and disappear leaving smiles on the faces of the die-hard Punks and purists. Well, from one on the fringe of this dated group, I am happy to say that they may well have wait a little longer.

‘What Was Left Unsaid’ is the latest single from London based UK Pop-Punk band All These Years. The band’s releases up until now bridge a very much late 90’s sound with the jaggedly riffed Easycore sound of the early 2000’s, when the genre realised that it fancied a good old head-bang.

The harder sound is something the band do very well, which is itself a large subjective compliment because Easycore is something I personally really struggle to enjoy, but enough of that, because we are really hear for ‘What Was Left Unsaid.

With this latest single the band fall back on their more melodic side for a tale of love loss and a relationship abruptly nullified.

What is immediately noticeable is the lack of the band’s Easycore foundation. Said staple has been supplanted for a mid tempo classic Pop-Punk sound that actually reminded me of dated example, Home Grown. As much those who do recognise what I just wrote will feel a little dated now themselves, you can’t argue with All These Years’ ability to construct nigh-on perfectly matching guitar and vocal melodies and hooks.

All These Years haven’t necessarily been on the UK circuit for that long but one thing that you can unambiguously say about the four-piece is that since their debut inception both live and on the recorded airwaves, the band have despite the eternal battle between “real life” and that of underground musicians, ┬áindeed progressed and continue to do so with a stronger sound heading into 2017.

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