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Cara Neir – ‘Perpetual Despair Is The Human Condition’.

Cara Neir – Dallas, Texas, USA. Cara Neir has been a name in the burgeoning, often praised, often ill-spoken lump of a ‘scene’ that is American Black Metal. That being said, Cara Neir has never really fit in amongst glazed over, super compressed shoegazey bands that have taken away from...

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Milk Teeth – ‘Vile Child’ Album Review.

Milk Teeth – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. Cover photo credit – Anabasis Media. Milk Teeth are a biting Bristol blend of Punk-Rock and gritty Grunge, and their debut full-length, Vile Child, is one of the most exciting debut rock albums I’ve heard in a while. Following up their 2015 EP Sad Sack, which had...


Through The Side Door- Entry #1: So Hideous.

Boston – Massachusetts – USA. This was a show that had me on the edge of my cramped polyester seat riding the T (Boston’s subway system) back to my side of town to link up with a handful of very talented musicians, for a show that had been the talk...