Launch Control and The ‘May Day’ EP.

Launch Control – Reading, England, United Kingdom.

Photo credit: David Bradford.
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Reading Political Punks Launch Control are preparing to release their latest EP and if their previous EP Behind Redacted Lines is anything to go by, this new release will have a point to make. A point which with that artwork as figurehead, is looking to be really quite contemporary.

In this case however the band have taken a step back from world issues in favour of a closer-to-home window-view and a commentary on the barely recognisable home they see through it on this May Day.

Just to be difficult the first track is entitled ‘Outro’. It’s here that the band take a slower rumbling approach as opposed to the fast Punk they are known for. A down-tempo NOFX or Bad Religion would be a fitting comparison as the band stand in solidarity.

‘This has to be the beginning
of Fascism’s final throes, 
they’re rising up to the surface,
their ugly covetous grins exposed
Let our unity sing their outro’.

‘Single Cells’ was the face of the pre-order and the first track to be aired from May Day. Launch Control are back to their trademark melodic Punk for this second track as they cannot help but intrinsically analyse from their harrowed viewpoint.

‘Endangered’ is twenty-one seconds of complacency challenging Punk-Rock and nothing more. The track sees Launch Control at their hardest and despite their forte being their very melodic Punk foundation and I can’t help but wonder how a heavier band would vent the same frustration.

Launch Control including an acoustic number is itself unexpected but with the points it makes, the sheer level of emotive description would only work this very way in ‘May Day’. This is unequivocal political frustration via a band that care, a band that are seemingly both blessed and cursed by their analysis of the country they see around them.

Launch Control aren’t very happy with the current state of affairs.

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