Countdown to the Isle of Wight Festival: Duveaux Q+A


With the Isle of Wight Festival just 2 sleeps away, Musically Fresh caught up with one of the most popular bands the Island has to offer, Duveaux.

Hey guys, firstly, can we kick off with a brief introduction of the band, and the inspiration how you came together?

Duveaux consists of Dan Duveaux on vocals, Aaron Weeks and Nathan McGinty on guitar, Ross Mabey on bass and Luke Steen on drums. We formed over a series of happy coincidences that led the band being what it is today. And we have never looked back.

Your unique melodic punk/rock sound has been incredibly received by fans, and has resulted in Duveaux becoming one of the Island’s most instantly recognisable bands. So I have to ask; What are the bands that have inspired your music?

Our musical influences vary massively from member to member. For example Dan’s really into Bowie and Aaron loves his punk rock. Ross’s tastes span indie and hip-hop. Luke likes rock and Nathan just loves the company.

We feel this is reflected in our music as everyone brings something very different to the table. We find it very difficult to put a genre on our music. We just tend to play what feels right for the song at the time.


The IOW Festival is just round the corner, and you’ve just been named the ‘hardest working band’ of the year on the Festival’s Official Facebook page. Firstly, how does that feel to be recognised for your hard work?

It feels fantastic to be acknowledged in that sense. We put our hearts and souls into everything we do for the band, and so much more goes on behind the scenes. It really justifies all the late nights, hard work and many, many arguments.

So, you obviously have earned that honour for good reason, so could you tell us where and when you’ll be performing over the weekend?

We are honoured enough to be playing five different stages over the course of the weekend including our first ever major headline shows on the Hard Rock Rising Stage and the Strongbow Garden Stage. Anyone interested in coming down to watch can get all the details of times and places on our facebook as well as checking the Official Isle of Wight Festival app.
MF: And if you don’t plan on taking an expensive smartphone to the Festival, here is Duveaux’s performance schedule:

Thursday:      Cabaret Club – 17:00,      Hard Rock: Rising Stage – 21:30.
Friday:      Platform One Stage – 20:00,      Strongbow Garden – 21:45.
Saturday:      Kashmir Café – 20:00.
Sunday:      Cabaret Club – 17:10.

How do you feel the Island’s Festival and Bestival help the local music talent like yourselves?

It helps in so many ways. It’s a huge opportunity for young, up and coming bands and offers them a great platform for potential exposure to a much wider audience. It’s also a great opportunity to see bands that they wouldn’t normally get to see and maybe even learn from the best.

Random question; what’s your favourite video on YouTube?

It has to be, without a doubt, Ladder Goat! It is highly quoted in our practice room, van and generally about the place.

Oh, Duveaux, you so random. Let’s check it out:

Your fans, and Musically Fresh, need to know if there’s any new singles/EP in the works for recent release?

We’re currently working on new recordings and are already scheming for a new video but that’ll be all in good time. Just know we’ll be going bigger and better than ever before…

Good to hear! Now, social media plays a huge part in an upcoming bands success these days. How do you feel platforms like Facebook and Twitter have benefit the growth and success of Duveaux?

It’s hugely important nowadays. It’s the main link between our fans and us. It has helped us to promote ourselves and get people listening. In fact, it was a Facebook “like” competition that got us the gig that really launched our name onto the scene on the Island in the first place over a year or so ago. It’s taken time, as we all started off a bit technophobic, but we’re learning and (hopefully) getting better. We need to… just to keep up these days!

Final message to your fans?

Just a huge, “Thank You”, to everyone who comes to the shows, sings along, dances and gives us their support. You’re what keeps us going, as it takes a lot to keep you motivated when you have to spend hours traveling from gig to gig with our Nathan sat next to you.

Stefan Armitage

Stefan is an editor, writer, radio presenter, MA student and adored barman. A lover of good music, he might just be the most entertaining entity to come from the Isle of Wight.

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