Some Pulp – ‘Some Pulp’ Album Review.

Some Pulp – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Catchy, gritty Garage Rock pizza with sprinklings of Punk and Grunge, Some Pulp are, in their own words, ‘distorted young lust of yesteryear’ here to, ‘let howling guitars cure your courtly woes’.

But forget heartache, because we’re smiling. These guys bring to the table the sweet “catchy as a Taylor Swift song” writing skills, along with the slightly ironic “I told you so” undertones. Factors that also made me fall in love with Cincinnati’s trashy Brat-Punk band, Tweens. Speaking of which, if you enjoy sound in that vein, then click Here for a little something.

Right then, the reason we are all here, the full length debut release, this is Some Pulp.


With relationships always falling apart, ‘Oh Oh (Who’s Crying Now)’ may be the perfect tune for your unsuccessful love affairs and ‘Tell Me Ur Mine’ sounds like The Shangri La’s have had one to many sangria’s. Although, the sloppy vocals throughout the album almost seem to void any ‘girl group’ influence that the band have taken on.

‘New Lame’ almost seems to bring in some very soft Grunge vibes  – seriously, look hard enough and you’ll find them –  making this flavour of bubblegum closer to ‘cheap beer’ rather than ‘succulent strawberry’. And when the floor tom hits to signify the finish of ‘New Lame’, we ride on into ‘Take a Ride’, where the band appear be more of a slacker/Skate band, but are still placing ‘heartache’ at the top of their check list. Check!

My favourite moment of the band though, is the Bass Drum Of Death-esque (but better?) instrumental within ‘Pizza, Pop & Cigarettes’. Sounding like the most action packed surf lesson you’ve ever had, this could probably be the background music to you and your mate “surfing” on surfboards in front of a green screen in order to escape from pizza monsters, who want your blood because they’re pretty sure its 75% Coca Cola and only able to keep pace due to the fast Punk propulsion.

And we’ve all been there.

Having said that, ‘Pizza’ was my favourite track, it’s really just the beginning of a four-way punch of excellence. ‘Baby’ has had its heart ripped out and you can hear the sound of a man dying because Cara Delevingne didn’t go to prom with him even though his love for her is still ‘true’. Bless.

However, it’s okay because you can loudly chant along with the ‘hey hey hey’s‘ on ‘Blue Pout’ and you can even cry it out into the Kleenex on the album closer, because you have finally realised what a mess you are – and you really are; rejections, junk food, surfing, more rejections – it’ll get better. (Maybe).

‘Teenage Mess’ is the albums triumph. It is the answer to why you never ‘loved’ whilst you were a teenager (because you couldn’t ignore the Disney idea of love). Ultimately, you’re a wreck because the American Glorification Of The High School Experience is a mess and you too easily throw around the word ‘love’ to reason why you keep looking at every female in the same way. But, when you have a Doo-Wop backing, killer Surf guitar and a social commentary that makes you feel better about your own life, you kind of get away with it.

Find the band below:


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