Chronos – The Band and The ‘Blood River’ Single.

Chronos – Blood River, Bath/Bristol, England, United Kingdom.


Photography credit – Duncan Everton.

Based in and around Bath and Bristol, Chronos are a Metal band, a Metal band that since their inception are doing the very things a great deal of modern Metal bands have lost sight of. Chronos charge natural inspiration through their instruments in a manner that produces the genuine article, rather than an over-the-top attempt to be “metal” or simply heavy in sound beyond all else.

Citing the likes of Metallica, Trivium, Opeth, InFlames and Iron Maiden, the band discard the aforementioned need for sounding as heavy as possible at all times and with every track, instead wearing their influences well with an progressive and engaging end game.

‘Blood River’ is the forerunner for the debut album, Pallid Refelection, due on November 25th and with its dark ensemble totalling nearly seven minutes, its an enthralling and engaging display of Progressive Metal and musicianship. A display that left me nothing other than impressed, despite the fact that I am personally often highly critical of most Metal music.

The balance between the harsher and more melodic vocals is a notable strong point and the deep bass and percussion rumble is as strong a foundation as the frenzied and almost playful lead guitar work needs.

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