Cocaine Piss – The ‘Elegance’ Single.

Cocaine Piss – Liege, Belgium.14292278_1219810658075816_2178220802266059028_n

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Photo credit – Thierry Tönnes.

Cocaine Piss’ debut album The Dancer, is released tomorrow and features the previously released Sex Weirdos, which can find above. You can check out new track ‘Elegance’ as an extra preview before the album actually releases and it basically ticks off all the Cocaine Piss checks for a good track. 

Checks which if you are unaware, tick them off as one of Belgium’s loudest and wonderfully unique and abrasive bands.

The lyrics are absurd as anything ‘now, you look like, a robot‘ and edgy late 70’s-esque Punk riffs rattle out like laser guns in the best sci-fi Z-movies of the 20th century. I feel like I’m waiting for some stupid cheesy aliens to invade my mind whilst listening to it when I’ve actually fallen asleep and it’s all a dream induced by twenty beers too many…

Cocaine Piss are also going on tour later in the year, check out the dates – Here.

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