The Patient and The Forthcoming ‘Unite As One’.

The Patient –  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.14089199_613308842170221_6987105540143047233_n

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Above is a link to an article on a Melbourne Hardcore band that should probably have conquered the world by now or failing that, at least the state of Victoria. The band have since taken down the demo tracks sadly but our thoughts and a music video still reside within.

Australia is a melting pot of culture as much as it is certifiably it’s own and the Melbourne/Victorian music scene is no different. For The Patient, think – the controversial Gallows, Blackhole, The Ghost Of A Thousand (RIP) and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, such bands that are arguably the best in recent British Hardcore Punk.

Combine that with the likes of Sick Of It All, The Bronx and my personal favourite, Comeback Kid, and you have a winner.

\\Unite As One//


‘Unite As One’ is kicks off this debut full-length in the true style of The Patient. Those lucky enough to see them live will know of axe-man Luke and his “in-the-zone” concentration, drummer Mat following suit but with a few added “drum faces”, bassist Craig Maclean as the bass-man you don’t mess with and Tommy Gatiss and his pure passion and enjoyment whether its playing to six, sixty or six-hundred people.

Lucas Chong of the Post-Hardcore band Gladstone (Click Here), makes an appearance on second track ‘Bow To Me’ in a more stripped down simplistic but well-riffed, mid-tempo track, rivalling its predecessor for the best on the album. ‘Loyalty’ has a video incoming very soon and follows the rhythmic Hardcore of the previous with Luke Baird’s jagged guitar-work and “badman” Maclean’s rage filled vocal additions.

And then there’s ‘Search For Gold’. One of the tasters for the album, it sounds akin in style to something from Comeback Kid’s Broadcasting.

‘Detox’ is another of the tracks given life before the release on the 14th October, with its abrasive NYC Hardcore rumble and notable interchanges between Tommy Gatiss’ best and most aggressive and most melodic vocals.

The Patient cite Punk and Hardcore extensively but a clear appreciation for the rockier things in life and a penchant for Metal are both prominent and welcome. If you’re looking for a breakneck Hardcore album you’re in the wrong place but very much in the correct location for intensity and passion.

‘Accept My Insanity’ sneakily utilises Baird’s melodic tendencies while ‘Voices’ maintains the album for the most part but doesn’t shine until its latter minute.

You can find the demo recording and video for fan favourite, ‘Violet’ – Here. The re-hashed version is gargantuan in comparison with every one of the four-piece sounding untouchable.

The penultimate is a victorious charge rather than a forlorn hope and actually stands as one of The Patient’s oldest numbers, with this third incarnation showing them at their best.

The dirty bass of ‘Exit’ closes an album that blows you away more and more each time you listen to it. ‘Exit’ rumbles along like the sound demolition unit it is, crushing the old and building its new world in its place in one the sonically standout tracks on Unite As One.

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