Trigger Happy – ‘The Boy Who Lived’.

Trigger Happy – Butler, Pennsylvania, USA.


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This is a special one for us. We featured Butler natives Trigger Happy back in January 2015 around the time their debut EP Brains For Breakfast was released. The band’s appreciation for Punk, Psychedelic Rock and lashings of Indie Rock had enough musical quirks for days and whose commitment and enjoyment shone.

Later that year the band’s vocalist Stephen King, joined Musically Fresh and has since written a number of articles for us an we are very happy to have him.

Trigger Happy have recently released their brand new EP, The Boy Who Lived and with this being one of our own, it’s a review I personally couldn’t wait to write.

\\The Boy Who Lived//


‘Refuse To Yield’ surprises you from the off. Trigger Happy collectively garner considerable musical expertise and thats as prevalent now as it was on the first EP but with the stylistics of this first track, in their heavy Alternative Rock/Rock n’ Roll/Blues crossover, you’re left in positive shock.

‘Ocean Of Her Mind’ is more in-line with what you’d expect from the band albeit more dulcet in tone, perfect for its status as the sad love-song. The track itself is very well composed but stands in too much contrast to the previous and should have been placed nearer to a track more inline with its tone.

If it wasn’t obvious the title of this release has its cues from the Harry Potter series and its title track is one for any avid Potter-fan who also has a interest in quirky Pennsylvania Indie Rock. ‘And you hate me and I hate me – cos I’m the boy who lived.’

‘Conquer The Bad Times’ may be cliche in its title, but that really doesn’t matter when you hear it. The band change direction again but this time more inline with what came before with a slightly Ska/Dub infused love-song that will leave a smile on your face regardless. Said change in style is a risky move overall and by this point in the release you dig it but your ears a somewhat pricked in caution of what may present itself next.

‘The Plumber Prevails’ is another example of a band playing whatever they wish, from a diverse set of inspirations. I’d be lying if I said it isn’t somewhat abstract but thats the Trigger Happy way. The vocals stand particularly well here with King’s higher notes suiting him and the backing harmonies adding depth.

Musically ‘The Plumber Prevails’ plods along for some time flirting with Indie while baring its quirks for all to see but the real treat is in the latter part of the song with short and sharp Indie-Punk riffage that tricks you into expecting a lashing of Punk-Rock but actually leaves you with an Indie rendition plied with Rock n’ Roll-Blues.

Despite ‘Refuse To Yield’ creating expectations of the bands Punk appreciation, something I was personally pining for, you find it hard to seriously complain and ‘Microwave Song’ closes an EP that although unexpected is throughly enjoyable.

The band have followed a more traditional Rock n’ Roll formula and twisted it into something you could easily dub as “Trigger Happy Rock” and that is something this final track closes very well.

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