Red Winter and The ‘Some Friend You Were’ Single.

Red Winter – Liverpool, England, United Kingdom.


I’ve said this before and unfortunately for you I’m going say it again. The 90’s Punk/Pop-Punk golden age never really left us and its absenteeism is slowly becoming a memory.

The decade where Punk broke, diversified, evolved and saw so many countless bands reach legendary status still sees its legacy continued today, with said die-hards touring and releasing new material. The decade that provided such a shining example of Punk community and inspired legions of fans and fanatics to head straight to their respective underground scenes and make such music in their own vein, continues to do so.

Liverpool natives Red Winter are counted in this impressionable number and with the band having had their musical tastes nurtured by the likes of Green Day, Strung Out, Millencolin, Lagwagon and The Ataris; the outcome was always going to be thus.


The buzzsaw guitars of the intro sees ‘Some Friend You Were’ instantly take you to the staple albums of the era, Strung Out’s Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues and Twisted By Design.

The typical “I’m done with you” lyricisms blend into a melodic chorus that along with its bridges leading to further verse, leave you strongly wanting to listen to Face To Face as the power of the 90’s sound begins to envelop you.

With ‘Some Friend You Were’ the band move away from the more Descendents leaning and at times darker sound that dominated their earlier releases, in favour of an overall faster and light hearted approach. This transition isn’t such that it leaves the band unrecognisable as their roots can be heard, but after time spent listening to this more dated material in comparison, you do find yourself wondering what direction 2017’s Red Winter will take.

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