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Indigo Rose – Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

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Upon reading a message from one Indigo Rose enquiring about a review of the lead single of her 2016 EP The Cold Spell, I read sentences describing dulcet melodies, soft crooning vocals, a warming bass, dreamy guitars and something to do with Manchester.

Now, those may not have been the exact words used in said message but they were my immediate thoughts upon listening to the lead-single ‘Shiver’, alongside the rest of the EP.

‘Shiver’ is slow and gentle, it is dulcet and rhythmic and most importantly carries such a warming tone that it makes for repeated listening. Indigo Rose’s vocals are inviting and relaxing in a song of which the blatant display of feeling hits hard as it tackles direct want and love.

Musically the slow thud of the bass-work and gentle layered guitar work eludes to an Indie-Pop/Folk cross that sits so very well within contemporary Pop music but still carries some weight in the full-band sound it boasts.

The rest of this debut EP is also well worth anyone whose time has been enriched by the listening of ‘Shiver’, with it standing as four tracks expertly written, played and produced across the board.

The Cold Spell is further proof of a sort of underground “mainstream” that has more soul than people give it credit for and deserves far more attention that it gets. But, don’t just take my word for it, find everything you need below.

Find Indigo Rose below:


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