The Franklys and The Forthcoming ‘Are You Listening?’

The Franklys – London, England, United Kingdom.


Cover photo credit – Derek Bremner.

A new generation of Garage Rock brought to us by Indie rockers The Franklys. London based and spanning origins from around the UK and distant Sweden, the band re-inventing the Garage sound of the mid 00’s with heavy undertones of Post-Punk and Grunge.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the writers chair and when the opportunity arose to write the four-piece and their debut LP I knew It was time to jump back in and with that being said, Musically Fresh are proud bring you Are You Listening? by The Franklys .


No time is wasted with fancy intros rather we are led straight into a glass smashing wall of sound. It delivers clarity and substance with a heavy rhythm section with the sound of treble cutting through in the shape a nifty guitar lick to grab your attention. Within the first eight bars alone you’ve been slapped hard in the face with their conviction.

Having set the standard for the LP in the first track the next few follow suite with the Indie Rock groove bringing us to the half way point and slowing things down slightly. The band expertly maintain momentum however with a haunting ballad over a marching beat before the obscure is cut off in favour of up-tempo aggression.

Lyrically you find a story of vulnerability upon entering into relationship. A story that leads on as you grow and then deteriorates as you become wiser closer to the end, gaining validation and independence through falling in love too young yet feeling too old to be bitter about it. This is maturity through pain incarnate.

The bombshell is set to release June 23rd with an album launch show on the 10th May at London’s The Old Blue Last, also being the first date of their UK wide summer tour, dates of which can be found below:



Jay Graves

From Swindon in the South-West of England. Vocalist and Guitarist for Folk-Punk, Mick O'Toole.

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