Feast Fest ’18 @ The Mother’s Ruin 16/02/18 – 17/02/18.

Feast Fest – The Mother’s Ruin, Bristol, England, United Kingdom.

Named after a man and the second-coming of his adoration of live music, Feast Fest is the second of its kind and will be gracing The Mother’a Ruin in Bristol this coming February all the while being graced itself by the well-known Bristol venue.

A two day event, Feast Fest ’18 is bringing in a wide range of underground Punk, Hardcore, tomfoolery and riff-ery and with Self Help breaking the weekend in with their jagged classic Pop-Punk/Garage Rock crossover, will leave you stuck between two opposing eras in the most comfortable way possible.

Now while you are experiencing such comfort, at least sonically,  you may well end up wondering what ‘Rock n’ Roll Hillbilly Punk-Rock Party Music’ is. Well if you do, the next on the bill, All The Damn Vampires, will have something to help you answer such a question, with the only hint being that it will contain likely more than one riff.

Look at them, what else would you expect?!? Next on the bill are the west-country Punk-Rock household names, Ghost Of The Avalanche, who we recently featured  – Here. The band will be playing with Rob of Bath Hardcore Punk legends Seven Crowns behind the kit as a new format for 2018 so it isn’t one to miss if you’re a long-time fan captured by curiosity.

Next on the Friday bill there is a Twisted Ankle that might well be yours if the pit gets a little too rambunctious. Now if this does happen you will be in good company as a whole band of Twisted Ankles are next on the bill, following on from the Rock n’Roll-Noise-Punk-Rock of GOTA with their own brand of aggressive distortion and structureless (but not really) fuzz. Expect vintage Post-Hardcore and early Fugazi-esque-Jazz with all the socio-political (relevant) moaning you could possible want.

This will lead perfectly to fellow progressively-toned punks GagReflex who we featured around this time last year – Here. The band’s Punk-Rock filtered through industrial tones and classic Post-Hardcore is not something you want to miss and you will likely want to snap up that debut album right away. GagReflex are another band on the two-piece circuit that sound unambiguously larger than their chosen formula would suggest.

And with that, the question of ‘could this bill get any better?‘ is answered with a resounding ‘yes’. Closing day one of Feast Fest ’18 will be the in-continuity Death Pedals. Releasing music since 2011 the band take cues from groove-laden Stoner and Hard Rock as much as they do straight-up Punk-Rock and a litter of its progressive cousins. The band’s latest record, Meat House, puts the Hardcore back in Post-Hardcore and then adds more for reasons you must trust them on and that isn something I doubt anyone feasting their ears with Mr. Feast will have any real issue with.

But what of the second day? Well, kicking that off are Bristol Post-Hardcore band Better Than Mending  who are slowly an steadily make a name for themselves in the eclectic south-west music scene, so get to know their latest release – Here.

Fronted by former Ghost Of The Avalanche drummer Amelia Pereira and completed by drummer Colin Powers, Alkahest are a noisy band, especially as they are upgrading to a three-piece for one night only. I could just leave it there our I could try and pin them down to a genre or at least give you a rough idea but I can’t. All I will say is, live, the distorted mess and sonic maelstrom in all its Progressive Rock, Punk, Hardcore, riffy-bluesy-riffy tenacity is not something you want to miss.

Now after the above you may need a rest and Warhorns will offer such to a limited extent by adding their own sounds into this weekend of distortion and stop-start dynamics. The band have Stoner Rock groove ramped up with some more melodic Alternative Rock melodies and general playful mainstream applicability and are fine addition to this, the second Feast.

Next its all about the music, literally. Deccan Traps are a homegrown instrumental band whose debut EP is but a few months old at this point. You’d be wrong to expect huge expansive Post-Rock and Post-Metal sagas, rather you are left with riffs that borrow from more than one genre locale in a way very fitting to this line up. Riffs are important and you must get your five-a-day.

While Lion Parade are a band known for their stunning soaring riffs, melodies and all encompassing sound-waves so seeing them on this bill at the penultimate headlining spot is something again you’d be silly to miss. Taking their inspiration from bands such as the annoyingly defunct Rinoa and swathes of other Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Post Hardcore and likely No.56 and their new fence, losing yourself to their mammoth sound is probably not optional and by that I mean it isn’t.

Closing this two date festival we have the colossal riffs of London ‘Blues Infected Metal’ band, Beggar. Just listening the band’s latest EP from May 2017, entitled Chain Scrapper, it takes to Black Tusk-esque Sludge Metal well enough and by well enough I mean incredibly well. True to their name, bluesy-Stoner Metal lumbers along unchallenged unless Beggar are feeling particular cantankerous in which case the heavily distorted raw riffs of ‘Take Leaf’ is your jam.

With luck The Mothers Ruin will still be standing by the time the Feast-ivities are over and done with, so with the prospective eventuality that they may not, you should probably head-along to this excellent showcase of underground music on the 16th and 17th of February in Bristol-riff-city.

Find the event below:


Matthew Speer

Matt has 2.1 BA in History and is most likely somewhere in his twenties. He enjoys a wide range of music, but has a strong penchant for Punk-Rock. Originally he hails from the Isle Of Wight off the South Coast of England, UK and spends most of his time around England's South-West.

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