Deposit Man and The ‘Bang A Cowboy’ Single.

Deposit Man – Oulu, Finland.


Cover photo credit: Tytti Roto.

Finland four-piece Punk-Rock Dads Deposit Man are preparing to release their second EP as a follow up to the five-track blast of up-beat and witty Punk-Rock that they affectionately titled, EP. 

This second EP is set to release very soon and with that the band have released but one taster. A taster in the form of track that examines and challenges the polar opposites of political left and right and the very question of what would happen if you decided to ‘bang a gun toting cowboy‘?

With ‘Bang A Cowboy’ the band take a detour from their discordant blend of Skate Punk and a less-melodic 90’s sound, instead in favour of 2:17 of 90’s Alternative Rock.

Seemingly this could be a departure but it could also rather be a simple differentiation sat at some-point on this forthcoming release just to spice things up and with that, the contrast you immediately hear from the lead guitar sets this track well apart from the off.

The Pop-Punk-esque lead is reminiscent of the more Alt. Rock material from The Offspring but quite notable isn’t over used and contrasts very well with the distinct hearty vocals of Deposit Man.

‘Bang A Cowboy’ is both short in the vein of a Punk song and yet also down tempo and drawn out in its Alternative Rock. It’s a track that may not have the drive of the band’s earlier material and its a track that may not please the more purist of the Punk scene but it is a track that really is quite memorable and one I predict will become a fan favourite.

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