Fresh Picks: Grow Rich.

Grow Rich – Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, Grow Rich is the brainchild of one Abdur Rahim Latada. To date this one man project has but two songs to its name all born from a love of Punk, Grunge and other related 90’s distortion.

‘Cash To Kyodo’ is true to form when you remember the Grow Rich and his listed influences as Sonic Youth, the Ramones and The Melvins. The track is playful with discordant melodies echoing 90’s Pop-Punk and lighter Alternative Rock contrasting the obvious gloom carried over from the influences. The near constant rumbling bass-line is simplistic but again contrasts the melodic reach of the guitars and the subdued but light vocal delivery and in short you could call it an underground a Pop-song but for all the right reasons.

The second track to date takes a far more abstract Psychedelic Rock approach onset from its sombre toned beginning in complete contrast to the melodic Grunge of its predecessor. ‘Cirrus The Virus’ is almost haunting for much of its air time and the only reason why it is’t wholly so is simply down to the light-tone of the lead strings slowly ebbing away.

The mid point sees the track fall back on its heavier influences before using such as foundation for a more melodic guitar-lines and more melodic Pop-Rock appreciation without losing any weight gathered up until this point. The vocals are weaker on this second track and that does leave it somewhat lacking but overall the track rescues itself enough. Grow Rich briefly explores Indie Rock in the final parts of ‘Cirrus The Virus’ as you are played out and it leaves you wondering what indeed will be next.

Find Grow Rich below:


Matthew Speer

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