Fresh Picks: Dove House.

Dove House – Brighton, England, United Kingdom.

(Cover) Photo credit: Zara Nashnush.

Dove House are a band from Brighton with their fingers in more than just one stylistic pie. They list themselves as Alternative Rock and Post-Indie which in general reality could mean any number of things but in the reality crafted by Dove House, it does indeed makes some real sense.

The band have had a slow but steady stream of releases since formation in 2015, seeing their emotional melodic vocals carrying rhythmic and dulcet Pop-tones giving the band an easy applicability before their instrumentation is even commented on and when it is, the sharp, light and almost Math-Rock-esque twinkly Indie guitar work is well… light and twinkly. Professional writing there.

But it doesn’t just end there, the band have a wonderful Blues-Rock undertone that permeates their sound just as much as the Pop-hooks and playful fluttering strings. See ‘Unstable’ and ‘Perfect Life’.

Speaking ‘Perfect Life’, the band show their more weighted and melodic guitar-line led sound of  soaring Alternative Rock against the backdrop showcased above and it see’s them at their best and most balanced.

This is the sort of underground mainstream-esque sound that deserves some considerable air time as it has that difference so crucial. Of course the band have those songs that tow the party line and fit well into what is contemporarily acceptable or popular (and that isn’t a criticism) but as stated above, they have that difference alongside it all. All this is depicted so well in the stand-out track ‘Don’t Say it’.

I will leave you with the Funk-Pop of ‘Cheap Tricks’ while you head over and find out more about a band you can thank me for later:



Matthew Speer

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