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Life-long music lover of all genres but skew towards all things Punk. Front of house manager for Picturehouse Central, freelance journalist, comicbook writer and front-man for Our Lives In Cinema and The Separation. You can read my comicbook ‘The Infinite Toybox’ on Comixology, check out my articles on, and Also check out my current band Our Lives In Cinema on Spotify and Apple Music. We’ve just signed to Umlaut Records and our next EP will release in March 2018.

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Don Blake – The ‘Blake District’ EP.

Don Blake – Bolton, England, United Kingdom. I’ll kill any sense of suspense here and just state outright that Don Blake rule. I’ve been sitting with the Bolton trio’s follow up to 2015’s great debut Pocket Universe, titled simply Blake District for over a week now and it’s already racked...

Compilation Review: Yo! Dirty Sushi (Dirty Sushi Records).

Dirty Sushi Records – Your Ears, United Kingdom. Cover photo: BarCreeps. The UK DIY Punk scene is absolutely thriving in 2017, and we’re utterly spoilt for choice with the breadth and diversity of homegrown independent labels. UK based Punk label Dirty Sushi Records have very recently released a little gem...