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What a weekend. The Isle if Wight Festival 2014 has just finished, and if you’re already feeling nostalgic and missing some of the Island’s incredible talent, then catch up with the Island-based Reggae/Ska band, The Ohmz, in this exclusive interview:

Hey guys, firstly, can we kick off with a brief introduction of the band, and how you all came together?

Leo: Hiya! Well, how we all came together is a long story, but in short; We all just found each other, as in someone who knew someone introduced one of us to the rest of the band and we instantly bonded and created music.

Oly: Well we are The Ohmz, a feel good, happy band. We knew of each other before playing in the band. But it wasn’t how you see it today….but that’s a long story, haha!

Sounds like there’s a great history there. Now, Reggae and Ska are genres Musically Fresh loves, and it’s your music that has not only led to you becoming the most loved Reggae bands on the Island, but also one of the most instantly recognisable. So, where so many new bands go straight to the ‘Indie-Rock’ sound, what was it that made you land on Reggae?

Leo: Thank you, that’s really nice. Reggae is just us; it’s our heart and soul. It’s our tea! Listening to Reggae on a hot summer’s day with a piña colada is my favourite thing to do…

Oly : And I don’t personally like indie-rock. You hear it everywhere you go and it kinda all sounds the same to me. Being brought up on Reggae and knowing how much it makes me and the people around me smile… We thought we would give it a go!

So how do you feel the Island’s Festival and Bestival help the local music talent like yourselves?

Leo: These festivals are bringing people from the mainland and a whole new audience to our doorstep, allowing us to promote and spread peace and love! We’re so lucky to have these festivals here.

Oly: Definitely! Both festivals put on a ‘Battle of the Bands’ for a chance to play their respective Main Stages. At The Isle of Wight Festival you have The Kashmir Cafe, which is hosted by the Quay Arts centre. In there you can find most of the best island talent and a little bit more from over the water. At Bestival you have the Bandstand and yet again, a lot of the musicians I know over here have played on.


Your cover album, ‘Influence & Inspiration’ was released last year, and is a great listen, and you’ve also got some great original tracks (All available at So are there any plans to release an EP of self-penned tunes anytime soon?

Oly: Oooh, now that would be telling! We have a lot of new tunes that so many people still have not had the chance of hearing yet, so after the festival season is done I think it would be a great time to hit the studio and work on a new EP for you all… But nothing is set in stone yet.

Now, you guys have just had a great weekend playing at The IOW Festival, but you’ve recently announced some more dates for the next couple of months, could you just let us know in case anybody’s missed them?

Leo: We’re playing a bunch more festivals, and we’re just finishing up planning a tour with Bigtopp in July.

Oly: Ah there are so many to think of haha. We have a load of Festivals coming up including Bestival, Camp Bestival, V-dub, Watchet and a few more. Also in July we are hitting road for a tour around the UK. All of the dates will be posted up on our Website,, and on our Facebook/Twitter pages


So getting off the Island has become a regular thing for you guys. So what’s the reception of the band been like across the water? And do you have any good stories from touring?

Leo: Well its better because there isn’t 4G on the Island, but it depends what network you’re on because you never know… Harv never gets 4G! But in all seriousness, I’m really surprised at how well the gigs we’ve done across the water have been! Especially playing alongside Bigtopp!

Oly: It’s a hard one to explain. Being an Island band, it’s hard to get over to the Mainland often, but when we do people don’t really know of us yet. We’ve played shows over the water where there’s only been a few people that have loved it. But then when you go back they’ve all told their friends and they come along. It’s getting there and very exciting to watch each show gain more and more love for us. One of my favourite stories from tour is how our manager, Adam, nearly drove to Summerset… instead of Southampton, haha. Since then he’s been known as, Wrong Turn Rad.

Now, a random question; what’s your favourite video on YouTube?

Oly: Fainting Goats. if you’ve not seen it before, WATCH IT NOW!

And finally, a final message to your fans?

Oly: Hold your head up high, Smile and have lots of Positivity, Peace, Love and Tea.

Leo: Thank you for all your support, see you at IOW Fest!!!

Cheers guys! And you can keep up with The Ohmz in the following ways:

Stefan Armitage

Stefan is an editor, writer, radio presenter, MA student and adored barman. A lover of good music, he might just be the most entertaining entity to come from the Isle of Wight.

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