Ghost Of The Avalanche

Ghost Of The Avalanche – Frome/Bath, England, United Kingdom.


Bass. Distortion. Stripped down drums. Noise-Punk-Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Nick Wiltone and Miles-Per Hour are, Ghost Of The Avalanche. That best be his ‘official’ name…

When I was told I was seeing a two-piece Punk band, I didn’t think much of it. When they said it was just Bass and Drums, I was intrigued.

Hailing from the South-West of England and based in and around Bath and Frome, Ghost Of The Avalanche aren’t your average band. Playing their own distorted and stripped down version of Punk Rock they, to put it bluntly, are loud as fuck and great fun live. Your neck will probably be cursing you after seeing them, which is not a negative thing, because it will be well worth it! And plenty of beer can cure it anyway.

‘Noise-punk duo from Bath with a perverse sense of what the word ‘Pop’ means. Catchy tunes played at blistering speed, reminiscent of early The Misfits crossed with The Bronx and DFA 1979. With looks for the ladies and guts for the guys, like a Humphrey Bogart film that kicks salt in your eyes.’ – An extract from the Bio on their Facebook page, to be honest that is pretty bang on.


At MF (this is going to sound like I’m describing wine…) after a few listens and two live shows, they come across as a unique of mix of Noise Rock distortion, in turn producing a proper scuzzy bass reminiscent of Black Flag, coupled with well executed hooks and choruses that add a RamonesMisfits flavour. Leaving a no bullshit Rock ‘n’ Roll after taste. Currently retailing at £6.99 a bottle, and wine-esque description aside, anyone who likes old school Punk, Garage Punk and Hardcore will get on with this band.

I’ve been lucky enough to see the band twice in Bath, and I can honestly say that myself and those around me had a great time. The second time in fact, our newest writer, Robin, was also in attendance. We ended up purchasing the same T-shirt, so I’m sure that will prove humorous at a later date. On that subject, I walked into one of my favourite Pubs (GOTA had played there a month or so earlier) a little while ago wearing said T-shirt, only to find that the Landlord was wearing the same. It’s a nice shirt.

I digress. Returning to GOTA the band released their debut Mini album last year containing 8 tracks of a bouncy and distorted mix of hook laden old school Punk that is infectious from the first few notes. With some tracks being lead by Hardcore-esque verses expertly leading into faster, sing-along choruses, there is simply no shortage of dirty noise.

‘Hide The Truth’ is great example and definitely one of the highlights the album. ‘The Park’ has a more Garage Punk feel to it in the verses and Rhythms, while ‘Nasty Wolves’ is short and snappy, taking us back to the days of early 80’s Hardcore.

In regard to the bands vocals, Wiltone can easily sing a softer note with a Rock n’ Roll twang, just as well as he can a furious Punk yelp, Per-Hour’s vocals are also a welcome backing to Wiltone’s lead and add a real depth to the choruses. From studying their influences and honing their own talents, the band have produced an excellent and unique sound.

And, the aforementioned ‘Nasty Wolves’:

This year the band released their brand new EP ‘ Body Snatchers’, I could rattle on but this is probably the best way to introduce it. Track 1:

Sticking to their winning formula, the band, in true Punk fashion, give us four quick paced and short tracks that will be stuck in your head for days. Performed live, all four tracks come across well, particularly ‘Dance party’ with it’s groovy dance-like nature, and their current single, ‘Prescribe This’ is a show-stealer and crowd pleaser.

And we’ve all seen a load of idiots on drunken nights out, and that has clearly been the influence behind the title of the track, ‘Monkey Knife Fight’… if you’ve ever been to Club XL in Bath, you will definitely know what I mean. GOTA’s sense of humour – which is creates an excellent and fun atmosphere at their live shows – is shown well on this EP. Needless to say we at MF can’t wait for the Full Length. Go and see this band, you won’t regret it.

If you’re interested in the band after reading this, then it is available for purchase from their Bandcamp on MP3, or if Vinyl is your thing, then you can get the EP in standard and deluxe edition (which also comes with a download code). All details, along with other merch, are available on their bandcamp site.

And keep up with the bands exploits on Facebook and Twitter.

#StayFresh, and I’ll leave you with ‘Prescribe This’, which was filmed in an abandoned Police Station. They obviously forget to inform one poor guard…

Matthew Speer

Matt has 2.1 BA in History and is most likely somewhere in his twenties. He enjoys a wide range of music, but has a strong penchant for Punk-Rock. Originally he hails from the Isle Of Wight off the South Coast of England, UK and spends most of his time around England's South-West.

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