False-Heads Return with New EP, ‘Wear and Tear’


Back in October, we reviewed the now London-based three-piece, False-Heads, and their incredible EP, Tunnel Vision.  (If you missed it – and you really don’t want to – find it HERE).

The release featured four stellar Alt-Rock tracks, including the absolute masterpiece, ‘Without a Doubt’, which was a runner for our ‘Single of the Year’ in the Musically Fresh Awards 2014. That’s prestige right there.

Their incredible ability to install so much emotion and ignite so much passion within the space of four tracks left me wanting more.

And now I’ve got it. False-Heads are back with their new EP, Wear and Tear, and I write the following words without having listened to its entirety; This EP will be impressive, and it will be better than the last.

So let’s see… This is Wear and Tear.


1. Wrap Up

A lot resting on this track – it’s my re-introduction to the band. And thirty seconds in, and it’s not the familiar distorted guitar riff that’s hooked me, but that rumbling bassline. Live, it would fill a venue IMMEDIATELY, to the point where you’re shaking from adrenaline.  (Seriously, I’m getting this through headphones).

The vocals are removed at around the two minute mark, and you’re left with this immense, loud and relentless outro.

And what an outro! The use of interference and guitar wails assist the constant building of the drums and bass, and (I’m assuming that’s Griffiths back on guitar), the guitar work is shines through. Deserving opener and lead track.

2. Twentynothing

Track two is my throw-back to Tunnel Vision. Where ‘Wrap Up’ felt so new… and HEAVY, ‘Twentynothing’ carries the pace of vocals and energy in the instrumentals that I had become acquainted with last October.

This is not a negative. When a band can release music so long after their previous work, and immediately remind you exactly who the f*ck you’re listening to – that’s when you know they’ve developed sound you not only recognise, but enjoy. Fast-paced and plenty of energy.

It’s classic False-Heads.

3. Snatch

Once again, I feel like I’ve heard the track before. The tempo is slower, with the rhythmic chugging of the drums and bass, as this is a track where the vocals – and more importantly – the lyrics, are allowed to show off.

Very often with False-Heads, I enjoy the unyielding tri-force of guitar, drums and bass over the vocals. But when they allow you to catch your breath; you can appreciate the skill within the lyrics.

It’s a great quality; forcing your audience to listen closely.

It’s fine, don’t panic.

4. Nothing in There 

The EP’s curtain call, and the tempo is turned down even further for this incredibly haunting track.

Overall, I’d say that with the flawless production and use of evocative builds and intense culminations of the instrumentals, this would be my stand-out track from the entire EP.

Wherever you turn, I’ll be there.

As I mentioned with the first EP, the four tracks managed to take you from one mind-set to another in an instant – and Wear and Tear is no different. However, where Tunnel Vision knocked me around, Wear and Tear places me on top of a cliff and proceeds to throw me down.

From an powerful and heavy, almost Punk-Rock, intro with ‘Wrap Up’, each track works on knocking you down further and further until the slow-paced, Alt-Rock gem, ‘Nothing in There’, takes over your body completely.


I predicted before that this EP would be impressive and better than Tunnel Vision, and I’d have to agree with me.

‘Wrap Up’ was a complete and welcomed surprise, with just how LOUD and mosh-worthy it was. But then to slow the pace of each track – all whilst concentrating their signature uproar – until you’re left still and speechless, is just genius.

I really appreciate False Heads, and so should you. Go and buy this EP and go and buy Tunnel Vision, because these guys should be your new favourite band. There’s a lot of buzz around them, and you need to find out why. So follow the links below to their social media pages and music, and get involved.


Stefan Armitage

Stefan is an editor, writer, radio presenter, MA student and adored barman. A lover of good music, he might just be the most entertaining entity to come from the Isle of Wight.

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