Good Riddance Guitarist Unearths Supergroup, Coercion 96 and New Track ‘Crime Spree’.

Coercion 96 – San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.


This was an email we were not expecting…

Luke Pabich of seminal Santa Cruz Punks, Good Riddance has just announced the revival of side-project, Coercion 96.

The band originally formed in 1996 and alongside Pabich, now features former Fury 66 bassist, Thomas Kennedy, Jake Desrochers of Lonely Kings and Papa Roach drummer, Tony Palermo.

The influences listed for this new/revived project, as you’d expect with that roster, cite a strong range of the high-points in Punk and Metal music from the last three decades, with the Metal stylistics of Black Sabbath, Metallica and the progressive stance of Killing Joke, as well as the iconic and incredibly seminal Punk-Rock notes of Bad Religion, Agent Orange and TSOL.


This contemporary incarnation recently began recording their new EP Exit Wounds, alongside Michael Rosen of East Bay Recorders, known for his work with the likes of Rancid, AFI, Testament and Vio-lence, with the new single ‘Crime Spree’ as the first fruit for harvest.

‘Crime Spree’ chronicles a man’s crime of passion, and his instant dislike, disgust and disassociation from his rational self, in favour of a guilt ridden and growing sense of shame, as he runs from those out for justice, all the while battling a direct confrontation of life and death.

I used a gun, I used it twice, I shot a man, it wasn’t nice – Now I’m questioning my fate, such a harsh reminder

 ‘Without love, full of pain, its your fault, you live with shame – without fear, or remorse, blood is on your hands – excessive force

Musically, Coercion 96 wear there influences well, from the opening rumble sounding akin to a more Punk-Rock Black Sabbath and a hoarse yet subdued vocal style in the beginning sitting close to 80’s Thrash and Hardcore, Coercion 96 have you hooked from the get-go.

The rhythmic rumble is soon joined by welcome backing vocals before this dark tale takes fruition, aided with a strong and melodic Alternative Rock chorus, cut with Coercion 96’s Punk influences.

Every element of the band’s make-up adds a dark reality and weight to the lyrics, as it crosses over from Punk to Metal and riff-laden Alt. Rock as obviously as it doesn’t, with the multi-faceted sound perfectly melded and set well as it’s own.

Find the band below:

With the recording and production of Exit Wounds well underway, the band are currently looking for a label to spread their California brand Heavy Rock to those who may or may not be aware that they really need to hear it.


Matthew Speer

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