NONA and The ‘Otherways’ EP.

NONA – Los Angles, California, USA.

NONA, the brain child of Los Angeles resident Michael Goldman, released the five track EP Otherways in October. Combining Surf Rock with 80’s Pop-cuts, creating a nostalgic collection of vintage style Pop-beats, this fits anywhere between Catfish & The Bottlemen to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

Peering into the lucidly creative mind of NONA, the opening track ‘Real Life’ seethes with vibes relative to The Cure and I adore it. Track two, the eponymous ‘Otherways’ also screams the poppy 80’s vibes. The sweet echo on the vocal and well timed repetitive lyrics make it indeed a cracking sing a-long.

Its at this point that ‘Father’s Day’ cuts in and I have serious (further) Tom Petty vibes! The slow, almost mundane (but not really) drum beats softly in the background making for a great canvas for the sentimental lyricisms. It’s macabre, repetitive, and simple but in the most effective way and the echo on the guitar completes the track beautifully. It could be teenage tragedy or grown-up reflecting and it’s an instant favourite.

1950’s style harmonies open track four, ‘Princess’, which I love. It’s the perfect concocted mixture of laid back Pop and California sunsets. Lastly, track five entitled ‘Girls’ is a romantic soulful piece carrying that “to die for” Indie lover-boy tone in the vocals. I can find nothing wrong with this EP!

And of that wasn’t enough, there is a spectacular cover of – wait for it – Beyoncé’s ‘Hold Up’, released on international women’s day which I will leave you below, need I say more?

Kick back with NONA below:



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