Norquay – The ‘Animal’ Single.

Norquay – Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom.

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There’s a “creative roar” on the new EP from the Aberdeenshire based, Norquay. Lead single ‘Animal’ sounds like Matt Bellamy’s time travelling dog got lost in the desert and has accidentally dropped all of its money on floor next to a woman who can’t seem to get the hang of her knickers being on her crotch instead at her knees.

The fuzzy and muted guitar tracks stringing there way through the verses almost come off as annoying on their own, but when they’re layered under a wall of ‘heavier trespasses’ in the chorus, everything comes together.

Everything comes together in a way where Norquay go, ‘oh yeah here’s my Mark Lanegan impression‘ […] here’s that bit that sounds like that one Queens of the Stone Age song, you know, the one I put on at the Hob jukebox last night‘.

There are other parts of the track where they say, ‘it’s fuzzy cause Muse you know, love them back in the day but what are they doing now, wanna capture the proper rock they used to do, you know, when they did shrooms during some studio sessions’. Then they’ll be on Genius writing ‘pills keep us all sane, it’s all government controlled, old people, look at them, swallowing all their pills‘, and everyone in the comments is flaring up like, ‘is this just new Muse?’.

The main criticism of Ariana Grande‘s albumĀ Dangerous Woman was that the title didn’t reflect the singer – have you seen a picture of her recently? She looks great but not what I would call a dangerous woman like the album would have let me believe, but I didn’t care because it was a great album. And that’s where ‘Animal’ comes in.

It doesn’t sound like an animal, well maybe, just like how Ariana might have looked and appeared to be a dangerous woman. Both Grande and Norquay have accomplished their images, just not in their ideal way.

The best thing I can say about this is I keep thinking the track is going to break out into ‘White Wedding’. But it doesn’t, sad!

(the solo at 2:30 sounds pretty great, good!)

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