Fresh Picks: Kill The President!

Kill The President! – Valencia, Spain.


Cover photo credit: Greet Druyts.

Today’s Fresh Picks concerns a four-piece that I’ve been meaning to write about for some time now. So without further wording, we present Valencia‘s own technical Melodic Hardcore Punk-Rock band, Kill The President!

The band are currently working on their first release since the 2013 EP Citizens, which makes it fitting to feature them while said release comes to fruition. However featuring the band for that reason and that reason only would be foolish, as they number among Punk bands that have managed a near perfect mix of old-school Hardcore Punk and its contemporary melodic cousin as well as jagged riffs and Post-Hardcore inspired precision.

Tech-Punk isn’t really too much of a bonafide term but many will instantly cast their mind to the likes of A Wilhelm Scream, The Human Project, No Trigger, After The Fall and Strung Out to name a few.

The sound the EP is as relentless as it is melodic and it’s another of those scenarios where the world “melodic” shouldn’t act as a deterrent as Kill The President’s edge is still well and truly present despite the soaring guitar leads.

The Skate Punk elements to the band’s sound also mark them very multi-applicable in the world of Punk listeners, as does the band’s politics that pushes the outspoken leftist tradition of Spain forward ever more with ‘Citizens’ and ‘Fight Em’ All’ standing notably.

Kill The President’s sound is well contained within these five tracks that despite their relatively short length feel so much longer in actuality. Despite an obvious and skilled coherence the band show themselves and their variety via their heaviest, lightest and most melodic to then their fastest and slowest in a manner that is really leaving me on the edge of my seat in anticipation for the 2017 release.

If I haven’t given the impression already, the real and very unambiguous strength of this release is it’s solidity from a band that judging by this release can be said to have been a unit for longer than their short time would suggest. The next release could well boast more of the same or could explore the subtle hints to towards either a heavier or lighter sound.

Kill The President! have extensively toured the European/UK circuit to date and with this new record on the way, let’s hope this continues.

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