Fresh Harvest #1.

Editor’s Note: As Musically Fresh is operated in the spare time of it’s majoritively part-time staff, we are almost always inundated with requests. This is no bad thing, but it can make it difficult to find the time to feature everything we are asked to and that’s unfortunate. So to help with this and to enable us to feature as much as possible, we have launched ‘Fresh Harvest’, a new run of features that will feature three to five bands picked from our request lists. MS.

Incisions – Manchester, England, United Kingdom.


Photo credit: Phukin Photos By Scott Bradley – Click Here.

The North of England is producing some fine underground Punk-Rock at present with Manchester four piece Incisions acting as solid proof of this and they are working really hard, as they put it, to bring you some fine Punk tunes.

Inspired by Anne Frank, Blade 1 & 2 and motivational talks, this rowdy bunch clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, a refreshing trait to have in the current age of Punk. Releasing their six track second EP Scabs in November 2016, they know how to belt out some excellent and to the point Punk-Rock.

Resonating vibes of early NOFX and Descendants and bringing 90’s & early 2000’s warped-tour style Punk back but with a British twist, the band are honestly a joy to my little Punk-Rock ears.

In a Descendants-esque style, each song clocks in at under three minutes (my favourite being track two, Hunting Knife) with the flat drum beat and scratchy vocals of each track make the EP a definite winner. A must listen for anyone who enjoys anything released on Fat Wreck Chords or Epitaph Records in the 90’s especially.

The band are currently signed to Horn & Hoof Records who can also be found below.

Incisions: Facebook // bandcamp
Horn & Hoof Records: Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud // bandcamp // Official Website


The Velveteins – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Picture vintage filter sunsets and classic cars. Chilled, soft & lovely, the boy version of Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence. This is exactly the six track magic that The Velveteins have created. The most recent EP release of A Hot Second With The Velveteins brings calm melodies and soft, sultry vocals. This is “pretty-boy” Indie at its finest, and it is something quite splendid, even for a cynical Punk rocker like myself.

The production of this EP is really something beautiful, each track sounding like its being played on a vintage radio, maybe in a classic Chevrolet or a Mustang. This EP was originally released on cassette tape, another throwback I just love.

The soft strum of the guitar opens the EP perfectly, the vocals echoing calmly, but soulful. Each song opens with a different, but similar old school 50’s twang of the guitar standing the release as a whole as a perfect addition to a warm summer evening playlist. This band are oozing originality and reverberating individuality and I love everything about what they doing.

Listening to The Velveteins has been more than just a hot second for me.

The Velveteins: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram
The band’s music can be found via: iTunes/Apple Music // Spotify // Google Play


Deforesters – Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

DeforestersAmongst the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle sit Deforester, a Toronto based Punk band with their recent release of album Leonard. There is very little seriousness to these Punks, opening the album with theUkulele fuelled ‘Obligatory Curtsey Intro’ and then smashing into husky vocals and energetic drums, there really is no ambiguity.

With a number of quirky song titles (my favourite being ‘A Song for the Reptoids of Denver International Airport to Sing’, track two) and a very much “fuck the city” attitude, Deforesters have gone straight on the playlist of “pissed off” and disenfranchised Punk-Rock.

The band’s sound brings to mind both Banner Pilot and Off With Their Heads with biting vocals and lyricisms paired with strong hooks and melodies.

Modesty is a strong point of this band, declaring to ‘have accomplished as close to nothing as is humanly possible‘. Now, I strongly disagree with this statement. This is generic but enjoyable Punk-Rock with enough 90’s Pop-Punk sensibilities to drive their honesty and melodies home and is exactly how I like it!

The band are currently signed to Black Numbers Records who can also be found below.

Deforesters: Facebook // Twitter // bandcamp
Black Numbers: Facebook // Twitter // bandcamp // Official Website





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