Tinnedfruit – ‘Sorry Guys’.

Tinnedfruit – Falmouth, England, United Kingdom.


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Tinnedfruit are a band that live in a tin can. The purpose of a tinned can is to keep said produce or in this case, occupants, fresh as the day they were picked. Something something, more analogies.

At the beginning of 2016 we took a look at the band’s first full-length by the name of Sad Party. In that review a plethora genre-tags were thrown around, from Punk-Rock and Garage Rock, to Surf Rock, Grunge and more. Then comparisons were made to the likes of The Hives, FIDLAR and Cage The Elephant and yet still the band’s creativity wasn’t done its deserved (or preserved) justice.

Now however, the Falmouth tinned perishables have returned and have but one thing to say… Sorry Guys.


If the opening of ‘The Feedback’ means anything, then it’s that this album will not be banal or tedious. If the rumbling lo-fi Garage Punk that follows tells you anything then it’s that you’re about to have your ears blown off, all the while smiling as if you’ve just had your first kiss. That’s if your first kiss was a power-chord that is.

With Tinnedfruit safely back in their weird and wonderful saddle with ‘The Feedback’, it’s onto ‘Yeti’, a song that fans of the band will be glad to see made it onto this second full length. ‘Yeti’ is playful in its Surf-Punk and needs not exceed anything other than what it is.

Now, that may seem like a cliche and or redundant statement but with ‘Yeti’ and these tinned perishables in general, there is no ambiguity of any kind in regard to who they are and that’s fantastic.

You feel for the first part of ‘Serfdom’ that you’ve been duped somewhat. The soft Blues croon and high-pitched backing vocals are entertaining but after the pace of ‘Yeti’ you have a lot of excess energy. Thankfully, the band’s Grunge takes a step for a gratuitously heaver thud that provides you with all the slow-motion whirling, head-banging and air-guitar that you could possibly need.

TF’s Alex Smith is supplanted for his robotic alternative for whatever reason for another syrup covered Pineapple ring from the tin of gritty Punk the band inhabit. ‘Robot Alex’, despite its Indie-led lead guitar line is Tinnedfruit at their rawest, oozing their appreciation for Punk-Rock. Pineapple is pretty Punk, just look at those liberty spikes…

‘Girlbrain’ falls back on the rumbling Grunge distorted reverb and actually hints at a further progression the band could take through Psychedelic guitar tones and a Stoner Rock “drive”.

‘Nothing Really’ sends out the invitations to the Grunge-Garage Rock hybrid wedding we all knew was on the cards, while ‘The Window’ is teasing you with classic Punk bass-work and a further Psychedelic crescendo-led lead line that leads perfectly to a track that requires nothing but ear-destroying maximum volume.

The rhythms and bridges in ‘The Window’ are nothing but gratuitous noise and tempo. The band are doing so for the sake of doing so in a move that would normally irritate this reviewer but in this case has left me utterly captivated.

‘Sad Boys’ almost certainly takes cues from FIDLAR with the cross of melodic Cali-Punk guitar lines with that Surf/Garage grit and vocal croon before the frantic drumming of ‘3:33am’ and it’s 60’s Psychedelia crumbles and becomes one with Punk’s rosy red apples.

‘Sunsucker’ was released alongside ‘Yeti’ back inside 2016 and in a brief but welcome contrast to the majority of Sorry Guys, boasts a darker sound hinting at the dark world of both Hüsker Dü and Nirvana in an 80’s and 90’s Alternative Rock gloom.

‘Fever’ is nothing ground breaking by this point but still deserves it’s place on the record, which judging by the frequent stream of Tinnedfruit releases, is no small compliment.

Closing with ‘The Laugher’, you are left soft vocal melodies to either send you off to sleep after this exhausting album or at the very least allow you to wind down. However, any dreams of relaxation are nullified and you’re at sat there wishing tinned Bananas were a thing because you could use the fast release energy for one last slow-motion head-bang.

Now if you excuse me, I need to replace my tin-opener.

Sorry Guys is available now from the Autonomonster Records, Krautpop and Plasterer labels.


Matthew Speer

Matt has 2.1 BA in History and is most likely somewhere in his twenties. He enjoys a wide range of music, but has a strong penchant for Punk-Rock. Originally he hails from the Isle Of Wight off the South Coast of England, UK and spends most of his time around England's South-West.

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