Holy Matrimony – ‘Dearly Beloved: Part One’.

Holy Matrimony – Manchester, England, United Kingdom.


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The self-dubbed Manchester Alt. Pop band Holy Matrimony have just released their latest EP Dearly Beloved: Part One and other than the release eluding to a rather long wedding service it gives you four tracks of Pop music that isn’t simply radio fodder or compressed banality.

Am I about to show you something completely different and groundbreaking? No, but rather a band that simultaneously sits well under the umbrella of contemporary Pop music and also sticks its foot out of the shade.

‘If You Cannot Love Yourself’ oddly and playfully begins with a strange late 80’s early 90’s sounding almost orchestral Pop intro before it heads further into the awkward 90’s. Lyrically speaking the band show maturity with one all important line standing prominent – ‘[…] if you cannot love yourself then who will….then who will‘.

‘Dearly Beloved’ continues the flirtation and juxtaposition between the more cliche upbeat and playful Pop sound and that of the bands obvious maturity. The song continues with the culmination of Pop days gone past in an rhythmic intro that sits well into Post-Punk for the most part but with a brief but notable Indie flare.

It is here that you begin to see the band and the release changing slightly, with a more mature sound poking it’s head round the metaphorical door. ‘Finer Things’ is a longer track that falls more on a mid tempo Pop-Rock for the most part and actually marks as one of the strongest on this second release despite its drawn-out simplicity.

The final showcase, the closer and the great finisher takes the form of ‘Dulcimer’. Lyrically the band are at their strongest and musically the heavier, Rock-led sound stands far more forcefully despite the band’s trademark electro-Post-Punk-Pop amalgamation still at hand.

‘Dulcimer’ flutters by as much as it does slap you in the face in the process with words worth taking heed. This may sound as if this is some sort of intense revelation inducing track that shouldn’t fit here but in truth the EP wouldn’t fit anywhere without it. ‘Dulcimer’ is still an enjoyable Pop song, but an enjoyable Pop-song that manages to actually make a point rather than just act as easy listening regurgitation.

To be blunt and quite unprofessional… Get this EP.

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