Indigo Rose – ‘Orbit’ – 17/11/17.

Indigo Rose – Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

To Manchester again where Indigo Rose is preparing to release her next single ‘Orbit’. If you’re unware of the artist’s prior work we can help you there or rather – Here.

Indigo Rose’s work consists of dulcet, soft vocals and alongside chilled but soaring melodies borrowed from Indie-Pop, the more classic elements of general Pop music as well as the also classic but notably well utilised Folk stylistics so common in the contemporary singer-songwriter world.

In contrast to the last single, ‘Shiver’ Indigo Rose has opted for a more electronic/synth-led sound to carry her stunning vocals, aligning this forthcoming track more towards the aforementioned Indie-Pop stylistics. You could a easily place the track within the ever-widening Indie genre-base but you could also easily find this track within a curated “chilled pop” playlist for a relaxing care free winter evening by the fire or alternatively in lieu of the title, the window of the Space-Station.

This is also one of those tracks that would suit a film or video game montage or soundtrack, ‘Orbit’ is easy listening and with it’s different direction, shows the versatility of this artist.

Find Indigo Rose below:


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