Bare Teeth and The Debut ‘First This Town, Then The World’.

Bare Teeth – Lille, France.

One thing of many I have learnt from Musically Fresh is how strong the European Punk music circuit is. Another thing I have learnt, a lot more specifically is the strength of the French scene within this, which is where Lille natives Bare Teeth come in.

The band have just released their debut EP, ‘First This Town, Then The World’ and with the opening jagged riff and sombrely toned but driven and determined melodic guitar-line, the band transcend riff laden Melodic Hardcore, melodic Punk-Rock and a sense of duty instantly.

The opening track carries deep and mildly subdued lead vocals juxtaposed by soft and further subdued backing croons that give this punchy track more melody. Bare Teeth have perfected the art of cutting to the chase and pulling in the listener from the off and its fantastic.

If the previous sounded reminiscent of A Wilhelm Scream, then ‘Behind The Wall’ is very This Is A Standoff. The anthemic nature of the title track is made dominant over the barely present riffage for a song more inline with easy listening melodic Punk-Rock.

‘Parted Ways’ was the face of the pre-order. This third track is almost a cross of the previous in its tone, pace and riff-work but furthers this by adding a mild Pop-Punk sensibility as a glaze. However Bare Teeth can’t resist heavier tones and towards the end, a technically charged verse provides a break from the soaring melodies.

‘Always Rain’ is full of vocal harmonies and again see’s the band sat between This Is A Standoff and A Wilhelm Scream which is no surprise as Trevor Reilly of the jagged-Punk legends mixed this record. ‘Down’ on the other hand teases a sombre and toned down Pop-Punk song but instead opts for fast, melodic, and unrestrained Skate Punk complete with down tempo refrains and softer riffage.

‘Tomorrow Starts Today’ is another upbeat track for the most part yet still can’t resist the temptation from the band’s heavier tendencies. This allotted track six actually stands as one of the best of the release despite its far poppier and contrasting approach.

The penultimate features guest vocals from Steve Rawles of the esteemed Belvedere and sees Bare Teeth embrace Hardcore influence on the tracks aggressive and focussed verses. The band focus on the insistence of an armed population and what can escalate from it being put into practice and how solidarity without fire arms can promote a stronger and more unified society, without further prayers for further fallen.

I will leave you with the final track where the band unplug for the acoustic rendition of ‘Behind The Wall’.

For a debut, First This Town, Then The World is nothing short of impressive.

Find the band below:

  • Social Media/Updates: Facebook, Twitter.
  • Music/Merch: Spotify, bandcamp.
  • This debut can also be found via: Lockjaw Records – Here // Street Machine Records – Here // Don’t Trust The Hype – Here // Morningwood Records – Here // ProRawk Records – Here // Melodic Punk Style – Here and many more.


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