Louis J Walker and The ‘Wordsmith’ EP.

Louis J Walker – Exeter, England, United Kingdom.


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Since the last time we saw Exeter UK Hip-Hop/Spoken Word artist, Louis J Walker, he’s been somewhat busy. Festivals, a plethora of tracks and officially released singles, exposure on British radio for his region, professionally produced videos and more forays into the music business that if I had the time, I would detail.

By why don’t I have the time? Well, if I’m honest, If I could go on for quite some time on the young man’s impressive determination and exploits but I’d rather you set to sampling his talent, especially from his debut Wordsmith EP.

‘Solitude’ for a split second seems as if its about to hit a Reggae vocal line but this subsides for a very typical stripped down Louis J Walker track. ‘Solitude’ depicts a personal struggle to progress but also an admittance of talent within. You could call this arrogant or you could say it borders on such but with this young artist, it’s very hard to say either.

‘Perseverance and Motions’ is very much the story of Mr. Walker. Vocally, the slower more rhythmic tone is left behind for something less classic and more inline with UK Grime. Again, musically, track is simple enough to that the quick-fire vocals are better understood and immersed in and the only “issue” I would highlight is the length, as although Mr. Walker’s tracks are engaging, they often lack duration.

‘Jungle’ continues the plot as the artist battles his thoughts, who he was, is and beyond. Having been keeping an eye on the artist or quite some time, despite his choice of musical expression being so very contrary to my own regular rotations, Louis J Walker’s skill, commitment and sheer drive is something I have found impossible not to be impressed by.

‘Jungle’ is perhaps the best on this debut via its honest, specific yet relatable lyrics and well rounded duration that sits on point perfectly.

Wordsmith is only four tracks long and thats where in my opinion of it falls. Having known how much the artist has penned these past two years, the debut having only four tracks seems a shame, but, on the flipside – the cream of the crop is what your presented with. This point rings home all the more when you see how the young man is telling his story thus far rather than just and specifically picking his best.

I would say that ‘Focus’ trumps this criticism, but as recent(ish) global events have now completely ruined that phrase, I’ll just have say that ‘Focus’ negates said criticism instead. Why? Well ‘Focus’ takes a more classic Hip-Hop line and marks some of Mr Walker’s most quotable and witty metaphors and analogies in the verses while the chorus takes classic Hip-Hop repetition and a gentle backing track as far as need be.

‘Focus’ closes an EP with incredible focus and with that I bid you adieu.

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