Oceans – The Band and The ‘What You Did To Me’ Single.

Oceans – Brighton/London, England, United Kingdom.

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Based between London and Brighton, Oceans are a band that class themselves as taking a new spin on the hybridised and commonly mixed genres of Post-Hardcore and Alternative Rock. Ordinarily when you read of a band who blend these two off-shoots and Punk and Hardcore, you gain a rough idea of what you’re about to hear.

However,  in the case of Oceans it really isn’t that simple. They are a band that have progression in mind via influences ranging from the brash “lad-rock” of Don Broco, the pivotal stylistics of At The Drive-In and the abstract weirdness that is Incubus.

The latest single, ‘What You Did To Me’ very carries a melodic contemporary Post-Hardcore tone on its thudding Alt. Rock intro before intricate layers as twinkly as Math-Rock guide vocals that are pretty generally on the “Rock” spectrum.

Compared to previous tracks such as ‘Electrified’ and ‘On and On’ the band’s Post-Hardcore is more of a conditioning rather than direct elements of the track, with ‘What You Did To Me’ only taking minor keys from that part of the band’s sound.

That is until the 3:30 mark where a technical (yet playful), jagged and layered sound quite satisfyingly guides you to one last soaring chorus. It is here as the song differentiates and then returns to its majoritively chosen path that the band’s claims of idiosyncrasy within this field are substantiated.

Or, in layman’s terms, they are different, it works and its really does make for an interesting listen.

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