Sifting Through It All With WRCKG and Their Self-Titled EP.

WRCKG – Utrecht, The Netherlands.


(Above) Photo Credit: David Hup.

We’re in Utrecht once more for another shining band in both the Dutch music scene and indeed European sphere, WRCKG. The band got in touch with us after our article on equally loud contemporaries , Dock 83 who you can find – Here.

WRCKG are another band whose sound sits on old-school charged but concretely contemporary Melodic Hardcore, emotive Post-Hardcore and shavings of that deep and droning Metalcore that is of far better quality now the spotlight has lost interest.

The band are getting closer and closer to the release of the follow-up to their split with Dock 83 and second EP under their name only. Upon listening, you can’t help but hear  the staple names of Comeback Kid, Touche AmoreStick To Your Guns and Counterparts all lighting the way for WRCKG via their own blazed trails.


‘Certainty’ is the lead single of the release and fights desensitisation and the feeling of a down-trodden and seemingly hopeless mental state on the back of thick and melancholic guitars. This is crunching modern Hardcore and with the contrastingly high-pitched guitar leads, the rage and catharsis comes through all the more.

‘Certainty’ touches upon the sound of WRCKG as a whole and sets the tone for the EP, while ‘Rouse’ focuses more on the chaotic Hardcore Punk tempo, emotive vocals and guitar melodies that soar away from the rage as the track has a revelation within itself.

‘Escapist’ is built on sharp but not gratuitously heavy breakdowns as the melodic guitar lines reminiscent of Stick To Your Guns or maybe even the UK’s POLAR. control the direction of the EP. This middling track is very good at being just that and is strong enough within its own right but not quite as grabbing as its forebears.

‘Amends’ takes the rumbling percussion of Metalcore albeit with less intensity. This is then coupled with Spoken-Word vocals and layered melodic guitar-work which subsides in favour of sharp riffage when the aggressive Hardcore vocals take change.

‘Amends’ didn’t sit too well upon first listen if I’m honest. However with the contrast in vocal outputs and the stop-start formula of the harder and more melodic elements instrumentally, the track begins to resonate across the board.

‘Remedy’ very much see’s WRCKG go out the blazing way they came in via another smashed wall of sound. The band again bridge their sound in it’s entirely and include some of the most satisfying and more traditional Melodic Hardcore elements on the entire release but also enough in the way of soaring refrains and fierce riffage that you can’t really fault the song, EP or band as whole.

WRCKG will be released on the 3rd June via the band and in association Born Annoying Records and Smithsfoodgroup DIY.

Find the band below:


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