Coercion Return With New Video For ‘Choices’.

Coercion – San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

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It’s been a long and sporadic journey for Coercion. The project was revived in 2016 after a long absence and dubbed Coercion96 in lieu of the year of the projects foundation. Since then the band’s debut EP Exit Wounds made its way forward alongside an ever changing band that now see’s them as a five-piece under their new moniker.

Unfamiliar? Well, with members of seminal, well-known and somewhat legendary names such as Good Riddance, The Lonely Kings, Fury 66, Death By Stereo and Ghost Parade, Coercion have a distinct Punk sound that sees the band draw from decades of Punk, Metal and Alternative Rock in whatever fashion and often from track to track.

The band’s debut EP is out via Bird Attack Records now but presently it is a different set of ‘Choices’ that beckons your decision making prowess:

With ‘Choices’ the band manage to achieve a mature and somewhat subdued and melancholic Punk-Rock sound complete with an near-perfect balance of vocal and guitar melodies, with lead-strings worthy of the best of melodic Punk.

Don’t let the word “subdued” fool you, for Coercion are experienced and in no way falter in the aggression and catharsis that fuels this emotive track. As ever the band hint and channel at heavier stylistics with the opening drumming acting as teasingly as the thick chug of strings and low-ridden bass-lines.

‘Choices’ is the sound of a band of growing comfortability but also of a band that haven’t quite finished yet, as please pardon the pun, but they have choices to make and a long road ahead.

‘On a fence you can’t decide, indecision over-drive, taking over life,
And no-cares and no-one will, but you don’t have the time to kill – are you fulfilled?’

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Matthew Speer

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