Reptilians From Andromeda – ‘Burning Inside’ Single/Video.

Reptilians From Andromeda – Istanbul, Turkey.

Cover photo credit: Çağrı Demircan.

Istanbul Garage Punk band Reptilians From Andromeda have returned with their latest single, ‘Burning Inside’ ahead of the release of their next full-length. Now, if the sharp, reverb laden Rock n’ Roll of the past and the time where guitar-music really began to gain its bite calls you, then this band will also.

‘Burning Inside’ takes the rawness 60’s Garage Rock and charges it with abrasiveness of  77′ British Punk-Rock. Vocally, a classic and snotty-Punk disinterested tone contrasts the driven music with is sharp almost Spoken Word stylistic laden with the attitude that shocked the parents of that day and age.

The recording and mixing on the track could be better however, with the plucking of each string a little too noticeable throughout. Vocally, although on the whole fitting the aesthetic the band are going for it could have a lot more weight to it as some of the vibrant and accosting attitude is unfortunately lost.

Reptillians From Andromeda have all the pieces they need, and ‘Burning Inside’ is an enjoyable slice of old-school rebellious Rock n’ Roll ahead of an album set to be certainly something, it just needs a little refinement ahead of the final product.

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