Force Events! – ‘Force Events!’.

Force Events! – Mogilev, Belarus.

Force Events are a politically charged Punk and Hardcore band from from Mogilev, the band boast break-neck tempos, fist-in-the-air melodies and chorus’ alongside choice cuts of stylistics from the broad spectrum of modern Punk. This is first for Musically Fresh as the band sing in their mother-tongue of Belarusian but that matters not, especially as the band have sent is the translations of their cathartic rage.

Force Events!¬†is the bands self-titled release consisting of eight tracks of Skate Punk, Post-Hardcore and everything in between. Even in the opening notes of ‘Sink Or Swim’, the short, sharp and jagged riffs and time changes juxtaposed with soaring melodies are reminiscent of tech-Punk titans A Wilhelm Scream¬†showing Force Events! rage against fallen passion and increased uncertainty.

Track two is more melodic, sitting closer to Melodic Hardcore and Skate Punk but with increasingly aggressive Leftist lyrics. ‘Double Standards’ sits as one of the best on the album as a whole and a true anthem of modern Punk distaste.

Force Events! are changing pace from track-to-track enough to show their technical ability but not too distance themselves too much from the flow of the album. The band are nothing but impressive at this stage and utterly relentless with their balance of melody and aggression.

‘Force Events!’ is the eponymous title track and is as you’d expect, fast, aggressive and unrelenting. ‘Force Events!’ is a song of social revolution, and the band have even more fun outside of all the serious sentiment with ever increasing metallic edges to their already sharp guitar-work.

‘Farewell’ is a cover of American Nightmare and the only English language song on the release in tribute to the band’s influences. Track six is the shortest in the release in a very well executed old-school blast of old-school Melodic Hardcore blast of distaste ad Punk-Rock community above it all.

Force Events! doesn’t stop and is nothing but impressive from a band capturing the spirit of the genre’s early days. Despite the band doing heavy really very well, the penultimate ‘Philistine Hell’ plays more with a mid-to-fast tempo rather a simply full-throttle approach. It is here, similarly as throughout the album that the band show their penchant for early US Hardcore and Skate Punk rhythms with the likes of Pennywise and Strung Out coming to mind.

‘The Struggles Continues’ closes and album with this more melodic and classic 90’s Punk direction the band are taking in combination with their token heaviness and it couldn’t end any better. The language of the album is largely irrelevant as it is passionate emotive and driven Punk-Rock regardless of translation from a band that more than know what they are doing.

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