‘Tracks You Might Have Missed V1’ – A Thumbhole Records Compilation.

Thumbhole Records – Your Ears, Right Now.

Thumbhole Records, based in Reading, United Kingdom, have recently released the first in what is soon to be a long line of compilations showcasing the best in global underground Punk-Rock, Pop-Punk, Indie and Alternative. This is the label’s first major release under their new name (formally Punkalicious Records) and is compiled of twenty offerings from twenty underground bands crying out for their music to be heard.

From the rising UK Skate Punk of MF features Captain Trips, followed by the bittersweet Pop-Punk of 5 Year Plan onto the chilled but sharp Indie Rock of Marigolds, you presented to with such a wide range even in the first three tracks.

‘Oriental, I’ is the offering from Melodic Hardcore Punks, DEAD NECK, a band with over three hundred and fifty shows to their name. ‘Oriental, I’ boast strong English accents, pummelling drums, Post-Hardcore sharpness and melodies for days. The band may only have one EP but currently but with a stead stream of shows, new songs are likely on the horizon.

Offering up another differentiation, Hollow Heart give off a blend if contemporary Melodic Hardcore, Metalcore and Post-Hardcore in ‘Paralysis’ showing of how well Thumbhole Records are watching the underground. If big melodies, equally cumbersome riffs and cathartic emotive music beckon you, so do Hollow Heart.

Still Standing’s contribution, ‘Seven’, sends this compilation to heavier ground with vicious Metallic Hardcore and Metalcore in tribute to the genres heyday with the classic contrast of soaring melodies harsh vocals and crushing riffs.

Prey Drive allow us a break from the weight of the previous act with their melodic and playful Emo-Pop-Punk crossover in ‘More Than Magic’ before Deathcaps blast their relentless Psychobilly Punk-Rock in a one of the best in a comp that again, is providing nothing but stellar tracks via a variety that is nothing but impressive.

The half way mark is dominated by another Musically Fresh featured band – Here, Melbourne based Emotive Punks, Diploma with their melodic and infectious ‘Lauralie’. Diploma, much like every band on this compilation are testament to their own scene as well as that of global underground in that you can find literally anything and everything if you look hard enough or perhaps – more than likely- in plain sight.

Of course if I was to rattle on about every band and track on this well-versed compilation it would both become boring and likely quite off putting and as much as I could happily type away, the point of this piece would become very convoluted. Instead, your attention still be primarily on what this collection of talent has to offer.

Pump Action Radio offer something sat between melodic singalong Pop-Punk and Transit-esque Emo and the formers riff-laden cousin Easycore while a few tracks later the explosive Red Light Rebels merge their driven up-tempo melodic Punk with a huge chorus in ‘Barrel Of A Gun’ from their latest release, Joyride.

Entries from the likes A Million People (‘No’) and Burning At Both Ends (‘Before You Go Away’) add to the strong Pop-Punk sounds of this release with their croon melodies and playfully infused jagged riffs and crooning melodies.

By the time you’re in the closing stages of Tracks You Might Have Missed V1, you feel content, your list of bands to look into when you have spare minute away from this monotonous existence is growing you are hit with the last thing you’d expect, Ska-Punk. The socio-politcal ‘Techno Zombie’ via The Stiff Joints intelligently written, dryly witted and stupid dance inducing to the nines and one the compilations highlights.

These Five Years showcase the aptly titled 90’s Pop-Punk-led ‘Persistence’ in another release highlight, while the riff laden ‘Move Your Derriere’ adds that one last blast of difference before another slice of British Ska-Punk humour with an analytical look at why Ding Dong Probably really don’t like their postman.

Thumbhole Records are “new band thirst” quenching, find them below:




Matthew Speer

Matt has 2.1 BA in History and is most likely somewhere in his twenties. He enjoys a wide range of music, but has a strong penchant for Punk-Rock. Originally he hails from the Isle Of Wight off the South Coast of England, UK and spends most of his time around England's South-West.

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